… is your name Abraham? – free verse – September 21, 2014

Mindlovesmisery’s Tale Weaver’s Prompt this week isn’t an easy post to look at.  The photograph sent shivers up my spine and the piece by Metallica – One – which is perhaps my favorite piece by that group makes my blood run in a cold anger.  I read Girlgoyle’s “For Democracy” and wrote a free verse poem in the comments of her post .. which I’ve edited here for this post …. thanks for the inspiration.

This phrase is the back-bone of both Girgoyle’s and my response:

“For democracy, any man
would give his only begotten son.”
— Johnny Got His Gun, 1971

Hand on your heart
sing your song of freedom
send your son marching
into Gehenna today …
you let him pay …

The price required
for your so-called sacred ideal …
planted in your brain,
by the unholy oligarch
you let him pay

… is your name Abraham?
just let me say,
God never took that sacrifice,
demons take your son today
you let him pay …

“Each man faces death alone”
lost in your sacrifice
into the valley of death,
your son walked believing you …
you let him pay …