Dawn Thoughts – July 21, 2014

I read a lovely haiku by Milan Rajkumar about a deer …

brow antlered Sangai
drive for saving the lost herd
oh ! their soulful cry

In my corner of Italy, I imagine India … land of the sitar, incense, spices, sari dressed ladies and hot shimmering sun.  The usual stereotype I’m sure we all know and love, but I also know that India is a vast nation and this is only part of the story.

In Manipur, a Northeastern India, live the Sangai.

Sangai, dancing deer
binding soul of men to nature
Lives in Manipur
A gift of Torbung Lamja
Living only on Loktak Lake

They were believed to be extinct in the 1950s but six head were discovered and soon a program to preserve them was put into action and in 2000 a census showed the population had grown to 162 head.  However these deer are once again menaced by mankind as their habitat degenerates due to among other things a hydroelectric plant built in the wild life reserve and poachers.

Read here for more information and Milan’s post of course.


sparrows and swallows
singing at dawn
bind me to nature

a sliver of moon
bids the world goodbye
until August