A Good Scare!

Jessica wasn’t fond of the new modern horror movies.  She much preferred the age-old Bela Lugosi sort, with vampires or mummies not the new fangled psychological sorts.  One evening, since her husband was out, she decided to watch a horror flick on the TV, “Nightmare”.

So she made some pop-corn and sat down to watch it.  The movie couldn’t really be all that bad.  Lots of pretty good scare material she thought, even if a little bloody. She sat back down and through one shocking scene to another forgot to eat her popcorn.

Then the last scene …

Her husband came back from his bowling match and walked quietly into the darkened living-room where Jessica was fully immersed in her film.

He touched her shoulder and said “Hi dear!”

She let out a blood curdling scream and the pop-corn flew throughout the room.

Written for Promt 55 “Slowing Dawning Horror” at Mindlovemisery.

I have to admit, something very similar happened to me twice.  Once during the last scene of Nightmare, I was alone and the phone suddenly started ringing, making me jump out of my skin.

The other time I was watching I don’t remember which movie when my ex-husband came up on me on tip toes and went boo…I think that’s were I go my first white hairs 😉

Sailing – Shadorma


Sailing – Shadorma

when sails fill
with the mighty wind
we feel free
as we fly
upon crystal blue water
then,  close encounters


Thanks to Mindlovemisery, (who by the way has just opened a new prompt site called: Mindlovemisery Menagerie) I’ve discovered the Shadorma, a Spanish poetry form form made up of a stanza of six lines (sestet)  with no set rhyme scheme.


It is a syllabic poem with a meter of 3/5/3/3/7/5.
It can have many stanzas, as long as each follows the meter.
Little is known about this poetic style’s origins and history but it is used by many modern poets today.
Have a great week!

Unavoidable Pain: Two

Foto0254_aOde to the Two

Ah how loyal they were to me,
I just threw them over without a thought
As if they’d been nothing to me at ll
As if they were just another vice…

It was a last cold winter’s morn in ’13
And I, after 3 days of fever groped for them
I tried to light up that cold dank morn
But nearly fainted away right there!

I found that awful burning in my chest
Was compounded 10 times to infinite!
The taste was like an infernal burning cess-pit
The smell was beyond any description!

I put that last cigarette right out…
Then, weaved my way to my couch
Where I laid myself down as my head spun
Realizing I could no longer smoke!

Oh don’t think it hasn’t been a pain!
For every time I want a ciggy break
I think of smoking but in vain…
I don’t know now what to do with myself.

For though I can light up at any moment,
(I’ve two packs here calling to me each day)
The thought of that spinning sea-sick feeling…
Has ruined the pleasure now for me.

So, I say, why go throught the unavoidable pain
Of learning to overcome nausea once again
I’ll just have to find another mindless passtime
To occupy my hands when I’m reflecting on rhymes.

So, here’s to those loyal friends…I left them
And wonder now what to do with these two packs
Seems so terrible to throw 10 euro into the trash
Maybe I should just burn them in the fireplace…
Yes…’tis more fitting by far!


Well dear Shainbird...as you know, for some reason Ballads and Odes just don’t click for me, but an Ode I promised you and so I tried to make this an Ode…

Written for Prompt 37: Unavoidable Pain from Mind Love Misery:  This is a second trial for unavoidable pain…in truth, when one stops smoking it can be very painful…but I was already in pain so it became easy. I tried to start smoking again and found it was really painful, I still have a chestful of gunk!

Smells are way off, in fact I’m also finding coffee and some of my favorite foods disgusting…so It would be painful right now to start smoking again.  I’m just going to re-inforce this bit of negativity and accentuate the bother to re-start smoking.  So far it’s worked quite nicely.  I haven’t had a cigarette in 12 days…still early I know, but I’ve decided that I don’t smoke any more.

Now the big problem is what to do when I need that 5 minute break in the middle of writing a poem or story.  I used to get up…go out on the loggia.  Light a cigarette, take like 4 drags off of it.  Put it out and return to my computer.  Strange what 4 drags meant.

Unavoidable Pain


Free Verse

here I sit…
back up straight…
choosing what should be edited
choosing what needs  be chucked
and though it may all have seemed great
now I look over my year’s work
and I observe every mistake
not to speak of those
stilted rhymes
then I think
yes, this is it
the moment of

Written for Prompt 37: Unavoidable Pain from Mind Love Misery

Kyrielle Variations: The Bridge

The RoseThe Bridge


The bridge
leads to
a smiling
square house!

The bridge

The bridge

The bridge
by a
red rose.

The bridge


Life’s bridge
leads me
from youth
to age.

Life’s bridge
each new

Life’s bridge
new souls
a joy!

Life’s bridge
the way
not the
end goal.

Life’s bridge


And if I should come upon a bridge,
That cannot be crossed, what then
Is it possible for this to happen?
Can a day without passage exist?

I contemplate the problem and think:
If one bridge is blocked another is free!
Forever in movement, we never stop crossing.
If not one bridge then another one will do.

The bridges of life, the material bridges,
every single living moment is a crossing,
from my yesterday ’til my tomorrow
and all the people I meet move too.

Should I then be saddened when you’re gone?
I will be, even if it’s silly to be so.
Each person who has crossed bridges with me,
becomes a part of me, leaving something.

and so my life goes on as I cross my bridges
knowing not the goal, just the way, sometimes.

Written for Prompt 32 Bridge: MINDLOVEMISERY

I’ve chosen to write this post, a sort of meditation, using a double Gary Kyrielle and then a semi Kyrielle…actually free verse following the Kyrielle pattern.