Summer Soltice Fest – Haibun – June 10, 2014

The summer music fest of 2015 was one of the most exciting moments of my life.  That year it was held at Stonehenge.

The pipers and harpists from Scotland, Ireland and Brittany were all present with a special presentation from Galicia.  The most exciting moment of the evening though was when a group of young people from the north of India got together with a group of Australian Aborigine.  The sitar’s mystic melodies accented by the ancient whirling guttural sound of the didgeridoo enchanted us all as we greeted the Summer Solstice. Magic seemed to fill the air and we seemed to be transported into the realm of faery.  It was an evening few of the present could ever forget!

summer solstice
mystic musical greetings

Written for Ligo Haibun Challenge Word Prompt … obviously, this never happened, but how I would love to go to a summer music fest and see and hear this happen!

The Duo – Friday Fictioneers

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

Like in the old song, those people strummed my back with their music.

It’d been a long depressing week, so I went to the pub just to relax. I actually ordered coffee, anything stronger could have had consequences.

Then the two players from Den Haag pulled out their instruments and began to play. The lute and guitar sang to each other, in soft cords of love and harmony.

I sat back my eyes closed letting the music carry me away, washing away fatigue. I seemed to be in another world.

Jason shook me: “Hey Shannon, wake-up! It’s closing time!”



Written for Friday Fictioneers – 25 April 2014

In Memory of Paco De Lucia

your music inspired
hearts – downtrod  or joyous
where have you gone

I just read on Frizztext’s Flickr Comments that Paco De Lucia, one of my favorite Spanish Flamingo guitarists has passed on. I’ve listened to his music for years since I discovered him for myself back in the 70s.  There are just so few Flaming guitarists of his calibre.

I’ve copied this from Euronews:

“The son of a flamenco guitarist he was born Francisco Sanchez Gomez in Algeciras in south east Spain. It’s reported he was in Mexico where he had lived for five years in the late 1990s relaxing on the beach with members of his family when he suffered a heart attack.”

He was 66 years old.

Free Verse: converstation

Free Verse


finished my lesson 5 minutes ago
going into the past, don’t you know
to read about the Beatles and Ono
we’ll read the lyrics of McCartney and Lennon
as they grew from obscurity
into a musical phenomenon
from skiffle to experimental…
so as Father McKenzie stands by the door
where eleanor kept her face in a jar …
I’ll say hello…and you’ll say goodbye
but if you want to have a revolution
’cause it’s evolution
but you’re thinking of destruction
just leave John out..

Free Verse and Photography: African Night

AfricaSights, sounds, tastes
of long-lost Africa,
the balafon

and calabash drum
bringing back memories
of long, hot days

insistent heat
that languishes
the soul

burnt Sahel
stingy fields:

Ah but the night,
when the moon shines,
by friendly firelight
the music picks up pace…

your heart seems to beat
with the drums
and the balafon laughs

your body
is movement
your mind
in the erotic sounds
of spirits and life

and even white
feel the flow
of a feeling that
they never knew
and celebrate
life, love and lust

as they too,
caught up in the music
gyrate and thrust
they too
by the cool
African night.

Just a Note: My Favorite Pub!

Mulled Wine

Good Morning World!

Yeah, it’s not Monday but I just needed to give you some of the news from my favorite pub: We Drink Because We’re Poets…yeah, I’ve been letting the heat bake my brain and let this piece of news slip past me without a word…but no more!

If you’re following this fantastic site, you know that there is yet another new addition to the places where we can sit back and let our hair down.  There is now a We Drink Musicc room!!!!  Music Lilith Writes To.  Here, in her own words is what it’s all about:

“I’ll be launching two new bi-weekly features on my other passion, MUSIC! I will be showcasing some of my favorite artists and composers to write to, as well as a writing to music prompt like the last one, as I was SO impressed with the efforts put forth. I am always excited to introduce people to artists that may go unnoticed or undiscovered due to the climate of the music industry nowadays (especially in the States), so the opportunity will feed my desire to share the artists I so love and adore.”

Back on June 5th, Lilith inspired us with a fantastic Prompt from a great piece of music…it was epic…here let me link that for you so you can go and have a look for yourself…Wednesday Short Story Prompt #6, the musician she introduced us to was:  Trailerhead … as you may all know…there are no deadlines for the prompts at We Drink Because We’re Poets…we can click back to them at anytime and get inspired!

Let me just give you a taste of her first feature:

Miyavi, Guitar Samurai

So…missed something…been away…the heat got your brain (oh that has happened to me quite often lately!)…just go to the header page of We Drink Because We’re Poets and pick your passion…we drink music, we drink photography, we drink poetry, we drink short stories and of course featured articles!

By the way!  While this was going to press…Lilith came out with her first new music prompt dedicated to Miyavi! Haven’t seen it yet…now’s the time to do so!

And now for an announcement:

I am taking a couple of days off from commenting, not writing just commenting…then I’m going to the lake to cool my brain down…well maybe I’ll do just a little commenting…ah…yeah, maybe I’ll just visit the reader for half an hour…mmm…well…maybe…

You have a great day everyone and happy 4th of July to you Americans especially to Papi Z 😉 !

Just for fun: Around Europe in Music!

Felt like dancing this morning…a little German Rap….yeah Europe has some rappers too!  For you a little Snap!

And what about a little irreverence:  Ska-P a Spanish group…

A little science fiction/fantasy: The Blasted Mechanism from Portugal…

A little fun in Puglia, Italy: Caparezza

To end our tour in France with: Le Négresses Vertes


Hope you had fun, I was just goofing off a little, now to more serious stuff…