Summer Morning – July 3, 2015

no longer spring
the early morning concerts
are silent

just a rooster
calling in the morning
blackbirds sleep

first rays of sun
peeping over the mountains
warm summer morning

© G.s.k. ‘15

There’s no need for a calendar to understand when summer is in full swing.  The birds let you know.  All the chitter-chatter of spring, first the courting – then the chicks hatching and wanting to be fed, the little ones’ first flights, all this is over now and the mornings are just about as silent as in winter.

Our neighbour’s cat, with her big pregnant belly, watches the birds from her perch on the stone wall, her tail swishing.  Her family throws bits of bread outside their window onto the street for the sparrows, I think she might be waiting for one to take the bait.

lazy and silent
already hot and sticky
summer morning

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written For:

Carpe Diem #767 natsuake (summer morning)

Video created by: My Passion For Art (57 Francesca)