The War Was Over – Free Verse Wordleing – April 18, 2016

How could I have forgotten
The miles of old whining telegraph wires
That stretched across the land
Sending good news and bad –
Of course that’s all gone now,
Down the worm-hole of time –
We forget what the world was like back then…

I walked down a lane plastered
With red, white and blue flags –
People like ants applauded and threw confetti
I wore my green jeans and matching shoes
(My first fashion collection was
Based upon this memory
— Remember …
The green feathers in Martha’s hair?)
Now we could rest – after the sight
Of the shell-shocked soldiers with their
Loose minds and knife creased pants.
The war was over ...

While we were dining, father spoke of the war.
(That night
I dreamt of Japanese soldiers rattling

Bolted doors and bayonetting wounded soldiers,
The sight roiled my stomach but I couldn’t wake-up
And I ran afraid as the fronds hit my face –
It was something I wanted to forget)
Something I’ll never forget –
He told us that he was in the jungle
Running lost and scared –
And heard the whining of mosquitoes
Like telegraph lines
Back home,
They used to cross the land.

© G.s.k. ‘16
Note: This is a poem about memories … most of the memories aren’t my own actually, but things I remember hearing other people say … except for the dream … I had that dream and it was very vivid,  when I was 5 years old, after my father told us about his war experience in the Philippines, where we’d just come to live. What has always intrigued me was the clarity of the dream … I’d never seen Japanese soldiers nor how they were dressed … but I remember seeing them in my dream and remembering their uniforms – which I only saw a few years later in a film.


NaPoWriMo: Day 17 Smorgasbord Sunday

Sunday's Whirligig - Whirligig 44

Sunday’s Whirligig – Whirligig #55


Sunday’s Whirligig: Wordle #55
The Sunday Whirligig

green, blue, red, shoes, loose, pants,
dining, ants, good, news, miles, whining




Wordle 246

Wordle 247


The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #247
The Sunday Whirl

forget, stretch, rest, left, hole, lost,
sight, first, shell, feathers, rattle, old

Haiku – April 30, 2014

days run into weeks
spring flowers blooming

sparse sunshine – more rain
May flowers should be happy
even if we’re not

last day of April
rain falling – more like winter
hillsides are greener

napo2014button1I seem to remember that I wrote yesterday that the poem I wrote then was the last for NaPoWriMo…hmmm…I kept thinking yesterday was the 30th…thus the first haiku.

My husband was released from the hospital yesterday and my son and I went to pick him up…I’m afraid that my presence will be sporadic until we get everything organized around here.  My mind is a little distracted from my work and my poor muse just huffs and puffs with fatigue!

Two days from now, we begin to put up my husband’s spring exhibition.  For the fall exhibition you can look here: Through the Eye of Bastet: and OLKOP…it has been in the works since last November, so the next couple of weeks are going to be a circus…hopefully at least the rain will stop soon!

dVerse – Facing the Wall – NaPoWriMo: April 30 2014

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A wall erected when we are born
Distinguishes who we really are
The visions that dance within our heads
Defining us from all the rest.

I walk upon pathways all my days
My thoughts and feelings here with me,
A vision of what reality can be.
Here behind my garden wall.

Smiling I walk along a road
A song plays here inside my soul,
I look at people as they pass by …
Thinking my song has touched them too.

A feeling swells like ocean waves
Inside my breast as I pass my day
I need a pen or my camera
To bring sensations into the world.

Each one of us has a special view,
Of what the world is really like
Yet, no one’s wrong, no one’s right
Each is just a facet bright…

The brilliant diamond we call life
Hidden inside our souls and minds
Behind our wall that separates …
Yet, unites us in our common state.

This poem, a unrhymed quatrain, was written for dVerse Poet’s Pub which posed a question to contemplate, I think it would be worth your while to read the post, even if you don’t write poetry.Then perhaps you can tell me what you think of “The Wall”.

This is my last entry for NaPoWriMo!


Senryu – NaPoWriMo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAoil lamp lit – flickers
with its surrogate lit wick
a flash reflection

illusion created
something expected – seen
a lit oil lamp

out of the darkness
a flash of brilliant white light

I was taking a photo of this oil lamp I’d recently acquired for a fairy tale post I wrote yesterday…this one was odd man out…but it did present an interesting illusion, it seemed to be lit a little trick played by my flash which I’d forgotten to turn off.

Today I also posted photos and 3 haiku on Through the Eye of Bastet dedicated to shadows…pleas go have a look!


Ephemeral Fame: Elfje with Haiku

© Dheny Patungka

© Dheny Patungka

Somber thoughts
In forgotten books
Philosophers, commedians and politicians

in the early dawn
thoughts like black clouds whispering
ephemeral fame

Black webs
Capturing men’s minds
For a passing moment

Written for and inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge and Blog it or Lose it for the poetic combination.


Regrets? Kyrielle Sonnet – NaPoWriMo

Christopher Ryan McKenney

Christopher Ryan McKenney

The pathway of life twists and turns …
Decisions made, well, sometimes burn
Yet though wounded I don’t regret …
The choices made – Challenges met.

The easier road sometimes chosen
Seemed so tired,  well,  maybe frozen,
Chose I, deserts and minerets …
The choices made – Challenges met.

War and conflict, I didn’t request,
Gave form, well,  to my formal protest …
No ideal theory,  no shallow threat
The choices made – Challenges met.

The pathway of life twists and turns …
The choices made – Challenges met …

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Sunday Prompt the prompt was Soul Searching Regret…and I discovered, or rather I discovered quite some time ago, that over the years, I have made peace with every decision I’ve made until now.  Some decisions were actually made by others and I followed along … which is actually a decision.  We sometimes think that we are forced to walk a pathway we would rather not take, but there is one truth we should never forget:  the responsability for our life is our own.  We can always find a way to say “no” if we are willing to pay the price of that no.  Sometimes we aren’t, and often that too has a pricetag on it.

This doesn’t apply to small children of course…and the choices they make are made adapting the world they know.  It’s only as a person grows and realizes that sometimes what they believed to be a universal truth is only, at best, relative that the responsability for the road they’re following becomes their own, and sometimes the roots are so deep, that they never even realize that there is a choice.


Shadorma – April 20, 2014


Lake Garda  (Shadorma)

perfume fills the air
sweet kisses
in the night
beneath the moon and starry sky
in early spring they walk

velvet sky
full moon and bright stars
lover’s walk
along the moat
water laps among the boats
in spring at Riva

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Shadorma Prompt


The Crigofelt Cat – NaPoWriMo – April 17, 2014

Crigofelt Cat – Fun Poem

The crigofelt cat
moves through the alleys of Brildo
avoiding the people
as they shimmer by …

Like wet water puddles
after a day of heavy rain
they shimmer on the streets
through nights and days …

The prettier members
of these particular cats
seem like sunlit water
of pure golden hue …

Usually tawny
they’re like dirty mud puddles
until they retake their form
then they’re soft balls of fur …

They’re the softest of cubbys
that have even been found
so people will cuddle them
for hours at a time …

If you are alone
they’re attracted to you
as to young children
whom they often adopt …

(Not from any egotistical reasons
as scientists would like you to believe
but because of their loving nature
they know healing they give …)

So next when you visit old Brildo town
be careful … don’t jump in the puddles
they may be water puddles
or again then,  they may not!

© g.s.koch


A species of cat that can only be found in the city of Brildo.  They appear like other types of cats, but they move like puddles of liquid.  People try not to step in them, but it’s very difficult.  If you do then you will find claw marks on your shoes or foot.  Best not to walk around barefoot.  In cat form, the Crigofelt are incredibly soft and love to cuddle.  Nobody knows where they came from, but these creatures will ‘adopt’ a family.  Scientists have noted that the targets are primarily people who live alone and families with small children.  It is rumored that they live off body heat, which is why they love hugging.

© Charles Yallowitz


Waiting for Spring (Speakeasy #157) – NaPoWriMo –

Leonardo da Vinci's Womb

Leonardo da Vinci’s Womb

Waiting for Spring –  Free Verse

Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold.
As yet again the world was wrapped in cold.
The day had seemed so sunny and bright
Just a little too hot to really seem right…
When in the morn I rose from my bed
My feet were cold and snow inside my head.

I looked outside my iced window pane
And what I saw brought about such pain
Upon the ground was three inches of snow
And off to work in my car that day I had to go
“What is it with the weather this year
It seems that Spring just can’t get into gear?”

I thought that I wanted to go live in the tropics
Just to change those weather-worn topics
Like the British we now were fixed on the weather
But then how can it be different when winter
Refused to leave its neferious hold
And dropped snow on us in Spring and was icy cold.

Thus was our fate that last freezing year
As we waited for summer to grow near
But spring never came … we passed it right by
And went from the cold to temperatures high
Lament as we would, there was nothing to say
All we could do was cheer for a warm summer’s day.

The summer lasted but for a week
And then the sky began to leak
Drops of rain came tumbling down
And I laughed like the opera’s clown
The autumn was there but it was June
I think we all thought we should change our tune.

Climate change was seen as just hew-haw
And convinced we were we could go on
Just consuming and polluting as we saw fit
Until Mother Nature said she would quit
Cleaning up after those messy kids
The great human experiment – thus lost its bid.

napo2014button1NaPoWriMo 2014

Speakeasy Prompt Please visit the post by clicking the link to get full details about prompt and rules…It’s a fun pub my friends!