Nature – Morning Haiku and Waka – February 26, 2016

Winter sunset

the passing of the day
painted passions

in this early spring
the mad painter portrays
his lover’s heart
splashing paint upon the sky
it dribbles down the canvas

she sang at dawn
by nightfall she was weary
red sunset


he tried to put her into a box
she slipped through a crack

so many definitions
no understanding

he tried to put her into a box
in 5 by 10 photos
mostly black and white

she slipped through a crack
spreading light across the sky
defeating darkness

© G.s.k. ‘16

Carpe Diem #926 Nature

Secret Keeper – L’Eco or The Echo – January 19, 2016

do speak freely
don’t hide behind your smile
please don’t be coy
is that to be our future …
yet, there’s a chance you’re wrong
do speak freely

oh, secret keeper
nothing blows in the wind
no reasons nor excuses
they’re only wayward points of view
yet, there’s a chance you’re wrong
oh, secret keeper

perhaps there’s time
our revolution never did come
nay – nor our evolution
true, mindless masters glibly rule us
yet, there’s a chance you’re wrong
perhaps there’s time

do speak freely
oh, secret keeper
perhaps there’s time
[rejoice life triumphs]

© G.s.k. ‘16


I heard about the return of the animals to Chernobyl just yesterday.  Some of you might have already known about it.  The damage that has been done by our species to the earth has been tremendous.  We’ve stripped the world of its forests and grasslands, we’ve poisoned the water and the air, where man passes, nothing grows that man doesn’t want (that’s not exact there are those who are as hardy as man, like cockroaches and rats). Sometimes we leave desolation, the list is long – from the Fertile Crescent to the Easter Islands and then goes on.

Yet after one of the worst nuclear disasters in our short history of nuclear power … which obliged mankind to evacuate and abandon the zone, nature’s creatures have returned to the area from where they’d been exiled and they thrive.  No doubt, there are mutations, there will be birth defects but life goes on and thrives and this is due to the absence of mankind.  A comforting thought on one hand, that even after we’ve destroyed ourselves life will continue and on the other hand, what a heavy weight to carry.

The Form Used

The form I used is an experimental invented form which I created for the occasion of last week’s Secret Keeper. When I first published it on my blog it had no name yet.  I’M  undecided as whether to call it “ l’Eco” or The Echo Form (L’Eco is Italian for The Echo) because of the repetition. (The subject of this poem would point to another eco 😉 )

Here’s the structure of the form:

  • A four stanza poem
  • Word count 3-5-4-6-6-3 (except for the last stanza)
  • The first and last lines repeat in each stanza.
  • The fifth line is the same in each stanza throughout the poem
  • The last stanza is a four line “conclusion” where each of the first lines of the poem  echo – the fourth line [closed in brackets]  ties the whole poem up.


(5) Words: | WIND | SPEAK | FREE | START | FIGHT |

Morning Haiku and Waka – January 4, 2016

Troiku – Grey Sky Paradox

less cold
a cloudy day cloaks the world
comforting grey warmth

less cold
when the clouds hang in the sky
not a cold clear day

a cloudy day cloaks the world
in the mountains – snow
in our valley tears

comforting grey warmth
clear blue skies freeze the earth
a paradox

© G.s.k. ‘16

Carpe Diem #890 Shoukan (less cold)

Like Shooting Stars – Tanka Experiment – January 4, 2016

Photo and caption by Alessandra Meniconzi

Photo and caption by Alessandra Meniconzi


along rocky trails
stumbling [grumbling] here I walk
rocks and shale skitters
under pines and spruce until
the sky opens – and stars fall

high over the Alps
like shooting stars in the clouds
the Alpine choughs fly
they swirl and caw their delight
as the veiled sun looks on

star-falling black choughs

© G.s.k. ‘16

This morning I saw this fantastic photograph thanks to the 55 plus special at  Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (linked below) and fell in love, I then read this linked episode below by Chèvrefeuille of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, where we were to paint with words our sensations of a photo we were to search out about “falling stars” – to me, these birds, the Alpine choughs which all hikers in the Alps see at one time or another reminded me of falling stars.

Carpe Diem Special #190 A trip along memory lane 1st CD Imagination

imaginary garden with real toads

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

The Narrow Road (14b) – Haiku – December 22, 2015

impressionistic sailing

ah – human glory
returning unto nature

© G.s.k. ‘15

Carpe Diem #884 on our way home: the scent of early rice, the tomb also shakes, autumn coolness, red more red, a lovely name, how pitiful

how pitiful
under the armored helmet
a cricket

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

Whirligig Wordle – The Fly – December 10, 2015

Dew on a spider's web in the morning. Luc Viatour

Dew on a spider’s web in the morning. Luc Viatour

Once upon a sunny morn
Spider caught a clumsy fly
(Fleeing from a wasp and crow)

In alarm it hit that web
Shouts and pulling did no good
(Yet it begrudged fate her due)

With molecules of hidden strength
Called unto its tiny wings
(Fly broke spider’s silky web)

With a whirl it flew away
Across the red poppy fields
(Humming happy songs of life)

© G.s.k. ‘15

And here’s another spider and fly nature story:

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Philosophy in Warm Weather” by Jane Kenyon: sunny, clumsy, wasp, molecules, whirl, begrudge, spider, poppy, shouts, crow, alarm, pulling


Sunday’s Whirligig 36

Pond(ering) – Butterfly Cinquain – December 4, 2015


a pond ..
coot a’swimmin
swift as a torpedo
wonderin’ what he finally found
two ducks
quacking, awakened in surprise
they too start a’swimmin
a dragon-fly
.. flies off

G.s.k. ‘15



A butterfly cinquain is a nine-line syllabic verse of the following pattern:  2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 2 / 8 / 6 / 4 / 2.

Jane Doughery Writes: Poetry challenge #8: Butterfly cinquain

Poet’s Corner’s Poetry Challenge – October 10, 2015

Falcon and Rabbit

falcon on the wind
circling in the distant clouds
observing lowly morsels 

rabbit shakes in fear,
high above the lowly woods
flies death – with majestic wings

© G.s.k. ‘15

This post was written for: Poetry challenge: Sedoka poem

Sunday Whirl – September 6, 2015

still lifechirping on a tree
the robin eats a fat worm
in an amber orb
the worm lived a secret life
in its scented foster home

fruitful apple tree
need not stop or worry
birds will deal with rot

speak to me of fall
and its seasonal delights
stop and observe
the easy life of birds
the miracle of life

soon a memory
summer’s cornucopia
full of fruit and worms
and early morning chirping
of hunting birds at dawn

Wordle 214


Morning Haiku and Waka – April 25, 2015


sunroot flowers

the sunflower turns
following its lover
all throughout the day

this flash of lightning
distracts the way-ward lovers
caught in a rain storm

deep puddles reflect
the soaring flight of the swallow
over the open field


wind of time

wind of time


walking along the beach
flotsam and jetsam sculptures
delight the poet

waves crashing on the shore
Neptune’s wild contribution
to life’s symphony




 loudly making love
hidden in the dry rushes
ducks and swans

soaring into clouds
the seagulls look free from care
the wind whispers

in this rain storm
sparrows fly erratically
limp paper lanterns





in the darkest night
lightning outlines the shadows
creating a new world

these mountains
speak to me of creation
every morning





among peony
butterflies and cats play
before the rain falls

the nightingales song
distracts the poor sunflower
it hangs its head

© G.s.k. ‘15





I will give you twelve (12) words (for every ”hour”) one word. The goal is to write haiku using the words as given in the clock wise way.
Here are the 12 (twelve) words for this new episode:


1. sunflower
2. rain storm
3. puddles
4. beach
5. waves
6. making love
7. seagulls
8. rain storm
9. lightning
10. mountain
11. peony
12. nightingale