Morning Haiku – 11 February 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAheavy clouds and smoke
wood fires heating the chilled morn
white sheets turned grey

no rain though the sky’s still dull
birds sing happily

rivers overflow
tragedy all around us
a ray of sunshine

with winter’s waning
wonderfully warm winds well-up
we wait wistfully

sun tips the mountain
winter darkness dented
mushrooms abundant

Winter: Rose Hips (a haiku)

Rose Hips

rose hips in rainfall
summer enclosed in a fruit
reminder of warmth

Logo CD Japanese Garden
“An all new featureat Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Special and a joyful challenge.
This new feature, this new challenge, goes back to the roots of haiku and challenges you to go back to basic. It’s very similar to the other special feature “Goes Back to Its Roots”. The title of this new feature refers to the classic rules of haiku, but in this new feature not all those classic rules have to be used, just a few of them.
Which rules you have to use here?
1. 5-7-5 syllables
2. A moment as short as the sound of a pebble thrown into water
3. A kigo
4. A deeper, spiritual meaning
5. And last, but not least, it must have a nature image

Haibun: The Moon Rose

I was sitting in my easy chair last light, reading Jack Kerouac’s the “Bowery Blues”. This was the poem I had just read and had put down to meditate upon:

The story of man
Makes me sick
Inside, outside,
I don’t know why
Something so conditional
And all talk
Should hurt me so.

I am hurt
I am scared
I want to live
I want to die
I don’t know
Where to turn
In the Void
And when
To cut

The curtains were open, the lights, except for our reading lamps, were off.  My chair looks onto the mountains out back of my house.  It was around 7:30 and had drizzled all day making everything so dreary.  The mountains were still full of cottony like cloud formations, some seemed more like wisps of smoke.  The moon was behind the mountains, her light though shone on the clouds and reflected upon the snow on the mountain tops. A sort of natural indirect lighting, I thought.

Then, the moon began to make her  trip over the mountains themselves.  The rain had stopped and except for the low cloud formations, the rest of the sky was as clear as crystal river water.  There she was, in all her glory as she inched her way up over the mountains…through the clouds.  Surrounding her they formed a halo of pink and yellow rings, they looked like a sort of formal dress.

A star appeared near her, right through the clouds. They must have been no more than a heavy mist, I thought.  The higher she rose into the clear night sky, the more there seemed to be a river of ice below her.  The white clouds were now very similar to a glacier flow.  Just the tips of the mountains could be seen through the flow and they were brilliant with snow.  I found I was holding my breath at the beauty of this evening show piece.  The rainy day, which had been so depressing, seemed not to have been wasted after all.

cloud flows like ice pack
a glacier of wispy mist
lady moon dances

Haiku: Mother Earth



her days so gentle
spring brings to us her new gifts
generous mother


the warmth of her love
reflected through warm summer
light brightens our path


your fruit sustains us
we gather your gifts joyously
oh loving mother


feast with hopeful joy
as our mother rests – ’tis time
to burn the yule log

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai # 351 Sacred Earth

Free Verse: Blackbirds (merli)

Free Verse

Blackbirds (merli)

I sat and watched young blackbirds play,
Upon my neighbors roof today.
It was such a fun-filled sight,
That I laughed unto my hearts delight.

Two brothers I think they must have been.
One ran ahead the other followéd,
And when he was just close enough,
His brother hopped a few feet off!

How carefree was the blackbird’s game,
And wonder why we can’t be the same!
To play and delight in harmless fun,
Playing tag upon the autumn rooves.

Complicated we would have our lives!
Full of issues that cannot be solved.
We re-create inside our minds,
Problems and drama for who knows why.

Young blackbirds can teach us a lesson,
If only we were to look at them.
Life needn’t be about deadly feuds…
We could play and then take flight!

But, you would say what of the spring?
When looking for a mate what then…
I can only tell you what I’ve seem,
Their battles are of how they sing.

I sat and watched young blackbirds play,
Upon my neighbors roof today.
It was such a fun-filled sight,
That I laughed unto my hearts delight.

Fibonacci: Duck’s Regata

From WDBWP: Prompt: Using the Fibonacci form, write a poem about what Nature means to You.  For you artists out there, feel free to elaborate with a work of art. Using:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13


Duck's Regata


Duck’s Regatta

They compete
For their place.
The prize, more food, space
They dance upon the autumn lake so elegantly,
Whilst men’s sails skim along horizons, ignoring their homage, imitating nature.