The Narrow Road (Farewell) – Haibun – December 31, 2015

lamplight perspective_2

Today is the last time I will sign my posts 2015.  So many many things happened in this passing year;  wonderful beautiful moments woven together with terribly tragic moments creates in me sensations of starkness, like some fantastic loudly painted mural that perhaps only Picasso might have created.  I will remember it as a year of rapid and impetuous change and as the year I published my first book of waka.  I will remember it as the year I made many wonderful friends and felt the warmth of a loving family both real and virtual.  I will remember the desolation of death that visited twice in a few short months.

The wisdom of Zen teachings were never so “real” to me as they have been in this year. Walking the narrow path of the here and now has saved me and nurtured me through triumph and tragedy.  I wish everyone a wonderful new year and hope that peace may become our by-word and not vendetta, that tolerant understanding may be our goal and not hard-hearted narrow-minded prejudice. And I wish for you many many sweet strawberries.

on this narrow road
between the lake and forest
the golden sun glows

© G.s.k. ‘15

Carpe Diem #887 Returning home: between the waves, a clam

between the waves
small shells mingle with
bits of bush clover

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)