Hatsuhikari (first light of the sun) – Morning haiku and waka – January 1, 2015



first light of the sun
streaming upon this new year
in fragile silence

here, the mountains shine
tipping over the skyline
first sunlight
as the day and year are born
a sparrow greets the dawn

© G.s.k. ‘16

Carpe Diem #888 Hatsuhikari (first light of the sun)

In this first episode of the year, on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai we begin to explore modern and classical kigo or season words.  In honour of the day hatsuhikari (hatsu means first and hikari means light of the sun) which is an excellent kigo for new year morning (which gives us a sense of the renewal of this special day) and therefore a splendid winter kigo.

winter morning
first light of the sun … so fragile
reflects in the snow

© Chèvrefeuille

A New Year Gift – Haibun – January 1, 2015


Photo Credits: Italia Che Cambia

Last night I had a dream and when I awoke the first lines of the poem I previously posted were in my mind … usually when this happens, if I don’t write the words immediately, the words and the vision disappear, not so with these words nor with the sensation of walking through a stately forest, with the trees towering above me up into the winter sky.

If you’ve ever walked inside a forest, not a woods mind, you know that there is little or no undergrowth.   There can be paths of sorts, the ground is covered in old leaves, they swish as you walk and you must be careful not to become lost.  The light is filtered by the trees, the silence is penetrating and the wind actually whispers.  Sometimes in the summer you can hear a bird sing or a cuckoo call. The forest fills me with awe, it seems as though it is a cathedral to life, more magnificent and impelling than any cathedral I’ve ever seen.

I think I must have dreamt of a forest.  The feelings of awe still courses through my mind and I can almost see the beauty of this magnificent forest.

in a winter dream
the joy of life grows stronger
with every step

© G.s.k. ‘16

Earth’s Cathedral – free verse – January 1, 2015


In this winter forest
Of cedar, spruce and pine
(The snow, softly falling
No passage here of time)
This dreamland comforts me
As the wind whispers songs
No hymns were e’er sweeter
Nor apse e’er holier
As in this holy grove

In this natural cathedral
I look towards the sky
I feel love around me
The magnificence of life
Here I sing thankful lauds
For all my many blessings,
Of each day I walk the Earth,
In this winter forest
Of cedar, spruce and pine.

© G.s.k. ‘16

This poem was a gift of a dream …

Morning Haiku and Waka – January 1, 2015


homey warm fire
of the wood burning stove
greets everyone
on this New Year’s day
snow all around
but we warm each other
coffee is ready
bacon frying – weisswurst warm
eggs scrambling
for New Year’s brunch
the feast continues
time’s stopped on this special morn
the clocks move onward again

a new year begins
warm and welcoming
sleepy smiles
after a night of feasting
together greet the new day

© G.s.k. ‘15

Happy New Year — 2015!

We Drink Inspiration – Poetry Prompt #007: A New Year



The year that’s born will bring to us…
New jobs and hopefully less fuss
A stronger will to make things work
(I hope Congress is less the jerk.)

Well, as you see I can still dream…
Though I know there’s no magic stream
From which we may fish jobs and wealth
Or an economy full of health.

For: We Drink Because We’re Poets


Free Verse: The New Day

Free Verse

The New Day

Hail 2014
In your sweet morning blush
Wispy tendrils of cloud,
Streaking across the new sky
A cool wind whistles past,
As I walk and you wake…
I wonder what awaits
In this brand new year,
We’ve just created
So rosy and hopeful.

A year is a creation…
It doesn’t exist,
Like a person or tree or
Bright winter’s snow.
We name there a name,
We create then a theme,
And from our imagination…
We create a beginning
From an end that never was.

If what I say is true…
And it is,  you may be sure,
There’s nothing that’s new
Nothing to begin…
Yet our imagination,
Created in a flash
A new day – A new year  – A new
hope for life.

So magical morn…
In your first tender flush,
As people now lay down to rest
After hailing you in…
With fireworks, loud explosions
Boisterous song and emotions…
I name you bright morning!
Hopeful new dawn!
I’ll pretend you’re a new era
A new age just begun…

So awaken  2014
With your gift of new life!
Bring us peace,
Bring us wealth,
Bring us hope…

As we…

Put in all our energy
To make it all come true..
Let’s wish ourselves once again
Happy New Year!