Just a Note: May 6th 2013


Good morning World!

Once again it’s Monday, and as I’ve decided that Monday is the day when I’ll publish a short note on last weeks events…here I am.  To begin with, now you can go to the header menus to find a Category labeled: Haiku, Photographic Reflections and Guests…the first itwo are self-explanatory, the third houses my re-blogs.

My first piece of Science Fiction Satire

It was a full week.  I was able to write my first ever long short story, thanks to a prompt by We Drink Because We Are Poets.  It’s wasn’t what I’d been expecting as a writing prompt: Justin Bieber and his monkey…my first reaction (ahimeh!) was to ask what  (my apologies to all you Bieber fans) a Justin Bieber was and if the monkey was part of some kind of fantasy plot…but by clicking the link you can see everyone’s reaction…which told me, alas, both Justin Bieber and his monkey are part of our current reality…my only alternative, outside of not writing anything at all, was to figure out how to write intelligently about something I know nothing about.  I though about three different scenarios before I decided upon a science-fiction satire.  If you have time give it a look and tell me what you think. A special note here for Barb Taub, who not only gave me some useful advice for this story, but has also launched a challenge of her own…and fun it has been too…click the link: it will take you to her post so you can find out more about “We Fight Crime!

Fellow Bloggers

Going through the reader I’ve come across some really marvelous people! A very short list follows of just a few of the many blogs I’ve looked at and commented last week (yes, I’m a commenter, my philosophy being “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”):

The Daily Informant I’d actually read a few articles by this author…it’s tongue in cheek satire of the finest quality!

The Jittery Goat interesting razor-sharp humorous posts about daily life.

Ragandboneshop1 a versatile poet (whom I’ve liked since first I came across the post thanks to Betty Generic.)

A Word a Day is just what it says…a wonderfully humorous post which defines a word a day…fantastic idea!

Genetic fractals is an interesting thought-provoking blog with a hint of Zen.

Have a look at them, they’re really great I’m sure you will love them too!


This week’s photo challenge, which has become a part of my blog life, was dedicated to looking from above…there are some very beautiful and interesting photos this week roaming the web…have a look at the links to other participants (either of the links, the first being my contribution the second the challenge), you’ll be fascinated as I have been.  This weekly challenge is really so inspiring and has helped me look at my photos in a new light…I can only express my gratitude!


Another regular event is a daily Haiku that I’ve decided to write inspiring myself from one of my photos…and posting them together.


I thought I’d be smart this week and write about the awards I’d been nominated for on a separate blog, absolving my debt of gratitude to those who have thought of me…alas…this was not to be!  Lovely Tazeinmirzasaad at Transcendingbordersblog has nominated me for the ABC award…thank you very much indeed!  If you want to know what it is about…have a look at the link or read my blog about this award and the Sunshine Award that I wrote yesterday.  I would dedicate this one to all those who post and delight us daily!

Alas, it had
Been but half a day
Certainly my
Duty had been completed! When
Even before I closed down my computer, I should
Find, yet another delightful Award!

“Gosh,How can this be?”
I said, “I’ve
Just finished writing about this special
Kind of award!!!”

Low and behold…
My fate is
Not to visit the
Onirico land of
Peaceful sleep…

Quietly within my head
Rhymes wanted to be
Said for

Unite us in
Virtue and
Wisdom in the land of
Yin and Yang together in,
Zen meditation!

See you next week!