Whirling Wordleing … February 20, 2015


whirling in cyberspace
on cue – I wrestle with a memory
of an angel …
its saintly life
destroyed by science,
the crack in its faith, called relativity –
empty – it could no longer dance
on the head of a pin,
the pebble-like consistency of atoms
became great wayward mountains
blocking its act in its tracts
the angel held its head low in shame
what good is the faith of an angel
in a realm of perfection?

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Wordle – The Goofy Photograph – January 20, 2015

As I sit … polishing my dark bark bowl,
Dyed in deep magenta saturated
In sweet mellow honey-dew …
I reflect thinking of that photograph.

My sensibility is offended, but
My stance should be based on wisdom, since,
The penalty for blinking at the wrong time is
The camera caught my face in goofy mode.

Although once laundered and processed,
Adding texture, shadows and maybe frills,
My friend might win a prize one day ….
A valuable addition to his work.

The wordle contains 12 words those words are:

Polish, Bark, Laundry,  Magenta, Saturate, Camera, Blink, Valuable, Stance,
Penalty, Sensibility, Texture

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