Wordleing – Malengine Malediction – November 4, 2014

Malengine Malediction

Now, curtsey when you meet the master –
Follow the game rules and don’t despair,
The aftermath will bring you the answer
To the question you ne’er asked.

“Malengine malediction” (you’ll hear the master wail)
“Swear ne’er go near the zombie mash!
And when stalking the castle keep –
The ghoul must walk next to the old bat …”

“The most important rule to know,
Which you must always remember,
Don’t debase the scrawny black cat,
For she’s your magic succubus!”

“When the werewolf and the ogre wail …
Throw your shoe at them … but I swear,
T’is better to honor, the gargoyle in his lair
And the Jabberwocky’s sacred tree.”

Once the game is over my dear,
Curtsey once again and then,
We’ll eat hot flambéed plum pudding
And open all our gifts …

We’ll have such lovely holiday fun!
A right rum scary Halloween …
uhm … I mean …
We’ll have a merry Christmas day!

Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie’s Weekly wordle:

1. Curtsey 2. Debase 3. Game 4. Answer 5. Plum 6. Real 7. Swear 8. Shoe 9. Aftermath 10. Malengine (evil machination, deceit) 11. Stalk 12. Master

Weekly lqw wordle

ghoul, bat, wail, ogre, succubus, zombie, werewolf

Silly Poem: Dingo and his supper

The Monday prompt at We Drink Because We are Poets is:  Prompt: Nonsense Verse

So here goes:

Whist walking along a billabong…
A billabong, with mishy mushy waters
I over-heard this story
About Dingo dog
And how he got his supper.

Koala bear sat in his tree…
Dingo dog on the ground,
He was looking to some supper and
Koala bear looked quite fine
(Oh my.)
Koala said, “Oh Dingo dog…
Come up and eat with me!
I’ve got some loverly pieces here,
In my eucalyptus tree.”
But dingo dog just made a shrug
“What is eucalyptus to me?
I ain’t got no cold,
No cough nor wheeze!
I just don’t need your tree!”

 “Come down my friend,” said Dingo dog
From your
We’ll have some fun
A great good run,
Come down and play with me!”
Now Koala bear he knew the stare
Of  hungry grumpy Dingo.
“Oh me, oh my I’m sorry guy
I’ve got to eat my supper!”

There passed close by a Kangaroo,
A jumping in the muddies..
Old Dingo dog, he thought…
“I’ll go whole hog and have
Him for my supper!”
He skulked and slid upon his belly
Going oh so softly
And when he was about to jump
Kanga gave him a right sound thump!

 Poor Dingo dog let out a yelp!
“Now why’d you go and do that!
I was only funnin’ you, you know!
Playing in the grass!”
Kanga knew all about old Dingo dog
So said:
“Get you gone…ol’ mangy Dingo dog
Go find someone else to scare…
I ain’t no supper for you my laddy!
So go off just anywhere.”

Old Dingo dog felt quite
Dejected to feel his nose swell up
And then he saw Human guy…
And thought ! “Oh yeah!…some chow!”
Old Dingo started his skulking,
But Human guy had seen him too,
Hit him on his nose (again!)
With his didgeridoo!

“Now listen well ol’ Dingo dog
And I’ll tell you what we’ll do.
You come with me to hunt wallabies
And you’ll fatten like a hog!”
So the Human guy and Dingo dog
They made themselves a deal!
And walked they by the billabong
A catch’in wallabies!

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