Sunday Whirl – August 3, 2014

 Sunday Whirl


Another dark day,
I reflect with irritation,
It seems the sun won’t shine this year…
I see no signal
that August will be better,
Than rainy July and June,
I hear the sound of raindrops …
A gay pitter-patter on my roof.

I long for the summers
Of my spring years …
I long to absorb that warmth …
And the bliss of star bright evenings
My memories jumbled,
Disclose my appetite
For flamboyant youth …
I think, “but what’s the point … ”
How quickly I tire,
A sign that my autumn has come …
But there … a break in the clouds at last.

Prose Poem: you walk on

Prose Poem

you walk on

There are days, when for no special reason, you wonder, what it’s all about.  Why were you born, where are you going, are you going anywhere…you don’t know, you don’t have any answers only questions, so you walk on. Continue reading