Prose Poem: you walk on

Prose Poem

you walk on

There are days, when for no special reason, you wonder, what it’s all about.  Why were you born, where are you going, are you going anywhere…you don’t know, you don’t have any answers only questions, so you walk on. Continue reading

Rhyme Royal: Autumn’s Morn

Inspired by TJ!

Rhyme Royal

Autumn’s Morn

Waking up in the morning now
The world is such a different place
Silence seems much deeper somehow
Things move at a serene slower pace
Just as though the Earth’s very grace
Is given now to bring me good cheer
As the darkest days grow ever near.

I truly love early autumn’s morn
Albeit I miss songbirds of spring
Yes, they are what I truly mourn
Not the cold that winter will bring
But that lovely song of life so green…
(Autumn will pass, days will grow cold
And so I’ll be reminded that I am old.

My bones will soon ache and groan
As the season wanes to winter’s dictates
In summer I can move freely, without a moan
The pain like summer’s birds migrates
But in winter cold, my health stagnates
Ah such for me is the cycle of the seasons
Yet, I live and so accept what autumn harkens.)