For My Friend Oliana Kim – Free Verse – October 19, 2014


Kandinsky_couple-riding-1906under a soft feathery sea
of a grey duvet on a cold day …
she dreamt of a handsome prince
and long sweet pony-back rides …

oh how difficult t’was to rise,
so lovely and warm she felt inside
until squeaky squeaks were heard!

jumped she from paradise
to chase a mouse around the house
coming back to stark reality!

if only that hooty owl,
that screeched in her reveries,
would join the chase right now –
for her kitty stayed abed
under the grey feather sea
enjoying her warm autumn nap.
her only alternative you see
without owls or cats or princes …
was a humble,
peanut butter

Written for Oliana Kim at Traces of The Soul

I’ve been rengaed! A challenge! June 9, 2014


Over the week-end I decided to catch up with some of the prompts offered by Carpe Diem Haiku Kai and one of them was dedicated to the up-coming Summer Solstice … my contribution is here and the prompt here:

The haiku of the series of haiku was inspired by Oliana Kim from Traces of the Soul’s.  This morning she sent a comment and “renga-ed” one of my haiku:

summer memories
friends playing with verse and song
laughing heartily
(c) G.s.k.

and she replied:

toasting wine in merriment
lakeside stroll concludes the night!
(C) Oliana Kim

I thik it’s a really great renga!  So on this bright Monday morning (in Italy anyway … I’d like you all to participate in Oli’s renga!

Remember a renga is a  verse written by two poets…one giving the leading hokku (for us haiku) and the second completing the thought with a two line 7 syllable closing poem. In ancient Japan it was quite the game to play among cultured people.

You say it looks like a tanka… well written by one person, we’d call it a tanka, but when it’s written by two, it’s a renga!

summer memories
friends playing with verse and song
laughing heartily
(c) G.s.k.

Are you game?  If so either add your two verses in the comments below, or write your own post and link it to this one!  I’d love to see what you come up with!

Have a great week!  Georgia.


Sunset Photos by Oliana (Haiku Suite)

A Haiku suite for Oliana

the mother’s love
irradiates winter skies
colorful adieu

her colors created songs
no heart had sung

lovely sentiments…
a questing photographer…
and a treasure trove

love unrequitted
of beauty and sentiment
in brilliant snapshots

as you created
your poems and images
memories looked on

you shared so freely
giving a charge to a scene
we rarely observe

Inspired by Oliana’s great post this morning: Chasing Sunsets (haiku)