Do You Remember – Speakeasy #148


Do You Remember

He says he sat upon his chair,
wondering what had become of her…
no one knew her name nor home you see
no on even seemed to remember her!
She was just a passing in the wind,
something like a somber breeze,
but her face was still so clear to him…
for he had really loved her true,
and though,
no one could ever know
what happened here,
(a miracle being a special thing)
she changed the way river time did flow,
making life so subtlety different, you know,
those who were evil just disappeared…
as though they’d never even been near.
And the moon and sun eclipsed,
stars came out during the warm spring day,
and birds flew back-wards in the sky,
or so he says.
Do you remember that fantastic day?
I can assure you nor do I!
To me it’s just his fantasy
a story that he often tells
as we’re sailing on the crimson sea,
near the land of Camolee…
land of the purple skies and sable rivers
where we walk through bright blue fields
resting each night upon our beds
walking through our peaceful dreams
ne’er thinking of a faceless woman
who changed all time in just a second
one morning back in ’21.

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