No Bytelle – A Shadorma- May 30, 2015

No Bytelle – A Shadorma

no success
writing a bytelle
zero one
one one one
just too many rhymes
to make any sense at all

speak that lingo well
but not me
not at all
a Fornyrðislag
now seems easier to write

© G.s.k. 15

01100110 0111010101101000

How to Write a Bytelle

1. Choose a word. Preferably, a short word! I chose “free”.

2. Visit this site. Type your word into the site and press “encode”.
“Free” becomes “01100110011100100110010101100101”.

3. Divide that string of numbers into sets of 8. “Free”, then,
becomes “01100110 01110010 01100101 01100101.” That is
your poem’s structural pattern. You now have the framework
for a poem with 8-line stanzas.

4. Look at the 0’s and 1’s. All lines labeled “1” are rhymed;
all lines labeled “0” are unrhymed.

5. That is a lot of rhyme! If you want, feel free to make your
poem 1-2 stanzas long. Go longer if you’re up to the challenge!


Joyful moments startle me like
lobbies imploding with laughter:
bright as novae – stars’ hereafters –
thin as the skin of a bubble.
Having known the quick’ning after
weeks of this dark and cold vacuum,
how I seek the light, a rafter
fighting the currents of worry.

 © Paloma


Written for B&P Shadorma & Beyond