Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture – Artist Luciano Neri – A Photografic Exhibition

I’d planned this post last week for Sunday, so I thought I’d publish under the Weekly Photo Challenge this week dedicated to Culture.

One of most interesting techniques that I’ve ever seen was created by a Tuscan artist, Luciano Neri who’s lived for many years in Arco.  He began using this technique back in the 80s while living in Trento where he has had a well followed art exhibition.  They are compositions of objects and recycled material on glass. Unlike many other similar techniques, on wood and such these are elegant and ethereal.

The photographer (Adriano Frisanco) had the challenging task of rendering the ethereal quality of these compositions, while relaying the three dimensionality of the pictures themselves.Pda0014

Here was one of the more interesting tricks that Adrian used to render both the dimension of the piece and it’s transparency.  The second photograph features the shadow of the artist on his own creation.Pda0021Pda0022

Some of these pictures are really rather large.  This piece which the artist named “La Nutrice” (The Wet Nurse) is a 1 meter in diameter.


The following are two the artist’s favorite creations: the airplane


and the equilibrist.


I hope to post some of the artist’s fascinating works on mirrors…an even harder medium to photograph!

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