Sharing my World – Photographic Reflections – September 29, 2015


eleven o’clock
passing through All Hallow’s gate
student’s and workers

© G.s.k. ‘15

Here’s what Wikipedia has to tell us about All Hallow’s gate:  Porta Ognissanti (All Hallows) (or Portello, Portello Nuovo or Portello Venezia) – Originally entitled Portello or Little Port, the gate was built at the terminus for the river trade along the Brenta between Padua and Venice. The present building replaces the Portello Vecchio, on what is now via San Massimo, but is rather different from the city’s other gates of this date – the external facade is adorned with shining rocks from Istria, with four pairs of columns surmounted by an architrave embellished with four trachyte cannonballs. The three-arch bridge carrying the road over the Canale Piovego and through the gate is guarded by two white stone lions. This conceals the gate’s true tactical nature. Stones in the gate (still legible today) commemorate the ancient origins of the town, elogising its good governance. Since 1535 a clock stands out from the gate on a sort of “torrino” (vaguely like that on the Quirinal), in Nanto stone, atop the gate. Traces of frescoes can also be seen inside the gate.

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