Tanka: An Amreen Inspired Prompt

Paint the World with Words has a Monday prompt that changes each week.. Ths is only the second time I’ve participated…last week we were invited to write a Limerick!  This week it’s a tanka!  Yeah one of my favorite forms!

soft frosted

soft frosted


Autumn is passing

how autumn ages
the hoar frost creates white fields
crunch along the path
soon autumn will just pass on
youthful winter soon begins

Just a Note: December 9, 2013

Hello World!

Well…there isn’t much to say this morning.  The weather, here in my valley has been cold but sun shiny so nothing to complain about!  Looking at the news I’ve seen that the United States and part of Europe are frozen in with terrible snow storms…so I  I’ll just be thankful my cold sunny valley and won’t even complain when the rain starts again.


Limericks for Amreen


Child on a donkey

Limerick 1

There once was a donkey from Dro
bored he had noplace to go
but when Christmas was near
they’d dress him in fancy gear
And he’d take children riding to an fro.



Limerick 2

There is a young man in Kilderry
who’s in love with a beautiful fairy
his friends in the pub
say: “Aye that’s the rub!”
His love a is big laddy named Cary!

persimmons and frost

persimmons and frost

Limerick 3

While walking to the sea near Dundee
I came upon a beautiful tree
it was full of yellow fruit
but of leaves not a moot
It was a persimmon you see!


Paint the World With Words each Mondy comes up with a Poetic Form of the Week to Challenge her readers.  This week she chose the Limerick!  I reblogged the post, because it is really very interesting and I think you might like to have a look at it, then she asked me if I’d like to try to write a Limerick…so I wrote three.  Amreen has made her weekly Be Inspired Challenge #6…so go have a peek and maybe try your hand at limerick writing!