Haiku for HA – April 9, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfirst new olive leaves
the groves dress their new greenery
white doves are cooing

walking down the path
serenity’s companion
early springtime dawn

maelstroms agitate
paths through peaceful olive groves
reconcile the soul

peace in springtime
far from austere politics
birds mating in the sky

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Heeding Haiku With HA – To day we touch on peace!

Carpe Diem: Hail the King

This is Carpe Diem Haiku Kai‘s last prompt from the 4 part musical short story composed and played by Adrian von Ziegler:


the brave king returns
peace and serenity ours
his majesty reigns

his majesty reigns
united in his warm love
peace is his proud name

I would like to thank Kristjaan Panneman for these wonderful prompts and the great introduction of Adrian von Ziegler to my life.

Quatern: Peace



Walking down this gloomy pathway,
Asking why mankind has no peace.
I watch as greed, envy and war,
Smile and compliment each other.

Ideals born in our greedy past,
Walking down this gloomy pathway,
Defined our freedom as mere gain,
And our rights as buying power.

Each man looks out just for himself,
Thinking that he is mighty Ra,
Walking down this gloomy pathway,
Yet mortal is his true nature.

One day surely there will be peace.
When we see that Earth is homeland,
To all mankind and we’ll stop
Walking down this gloomy pathway.

OctPoWriMo 2013: day 28
Dungeon Prompts Week 11: Peace

Monday Poetry Prompt #18: A Piece for Peace

At We Drink Because We’re Poets the Monday Poetry Prompt:

Prompt: Imagine you’re at a summit for world peace and the like.  You’re called to present reasons as to why the world should have a vested interest in caring for people who may not necessarily reside in their countries.  The way you will do this is through poetry.  What can you say in a poem that will convince the leaders of the world that action is necessary?  What do you believe it takes to help people into a better position in life?  Using a form of your choosing, frame what will essentially be an argument for true world peace.”


Free Verse

And What if Peace

Oh leaders in your privileged seats
looking upon a world the heeds your words,
think not for moment of your special places
live not the illusion that you’re above death.
If you with your decisions,
destroy our world my friends
not only will your enemies die
your life too will end.

Oh bankers and financiers who pull the strings,
look upon a world that heeds your words,
believe not that in your crystal palaces
you’ll be safe from what you’ve wrought
you with your decisions too will pay
for the destruction that has created
your wealth and other’s death
not only will your enemies die
your life too will end.

Revolutionaries , Religious leaders,
look upon a world that heeds your words,
believe not that from your pulpits on high
that you’ll be safe from your own lies
you with your provocations
will pay for the destruction you’ve created
the hosannas you sought bring death,
but not only your enemies die
your life too will end.

Oh people of the World
who only heed someone else’s words
hiding behind your televisions
believing you’ll be safe with every lie you’re fed
in your willful sleep of indolence
you’ll pay for following like sheep
just followers in passive destruction
you with your enemies will die
your life too will end.

And what if Peace
collaboration among Peoples
working hand in hand
for once returning to the land
understanding that the planet’s ONE,
no man can move without consequence
each action has its counter-move:
you with your enemy then might live
your life too, may be saved.