Just a Note – September 4, 2015


Hello World:

I’m sitting here in the common room of my son’s house in Padua.  I’d thought to sit down and write a few posts, perhaps a haiku for Carpe diem Haiku Kai or maybe something for The Sunday Whirl or Sunday Whirligig — or even for Friday Fictioneers. To my surprise, and not for the first time, I’m finding difficulty getting my thoughts organized in order to get the blog up.

What’s wrong?

I think I found the answer in this interesting post entitled “Finding Your Space” published this morning on OctPoWriMo.

At home I have that special space dedicated to my computer where I do most of my writing around dawn.  There are my hard disks, my electronic drawing board, but most of all, my mouse, office chair and keyboard and my browser is Chrome instead of Firefox which I use on my netbook.  Over the years I’ve changed my monitor several times, the lighting has changed too, but the general position never changes.  The few times when my main computer went on the blink, forcing me to write on my netbook, I’ve always had problems.  My mind wanders and I sit looking at the monitor sort of lost in space.

Of course when I’m travelling I’ve no alternative but to work on my netbook.  I must say, I’d never realized how much I was dependant, or why, on my workspace until today, and I really envy those who blithely write on their Smartphones and Androids with what seems to be little or no problems.

Have a look at the article I referred to above.  Do you have a your own space where the words seem to flow?  I’d love to know if this is common or one of my special foibles.

Have a great day .. ciao, Bastet.