Their Old Friend – January 31, 2015

They walked down the lane, golden leaves rustled in the wind … the sky reflected the sadness that laden both their hearts. A steady drizzle, like their tears, pitter-pattered on the pavement.  He put his arm around her shoulders and drew her closer to him under the umbrella, she leaned into him. Their pace was slow, as though a few more years had been added to their already long lives.

When they got back home, she went into the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee. She brought a tray with some cookies and coffee into the living room.  They sat on the couch.  She pulled out an old photo album, there he was, their old friend.

Broken sentences … So rambunctious! Used to love his food and what a voice he had! Poor guy, couldn’t even eat in the end.

“I’ll take his stuff out to garage when we finish here.” he said “I’ve already gotten rid of the litter box. There’s just his scratching post and a few toys left.”

The sun set, the rain continued.



This is part of a writing experiment that I started back in 2013 … and got side-tracked from.  What I wanted to do was draw with words … a word sketch or perhaps fuse poetry with prose in a prose poem that tells a story.  This is an edited version of the first attempt, which can be found following the date link at the top of the page.