Three Word Wednesday Reflections – Free Verse – February 6, 2015

There but for fortune …

before your spring flower wilts
and deathly cold makes you shiver
don’t let your desire for quiet numb you,
’cause there but for fortune go you, or I

you walk down the dirty city streets
not seeing the homeless and weary …
you hear the shouts from next door
ignoring he drinks and beats his wife …

you religiously watch the evening news
so full of horror, yet you’re numb:
a mother killed her own child today,
then guilty jumped to meet her death …

a man lost his job and home
then shot himself in early dawn …
our bombs fall on a foreign city
killing randomly at night …

wilted lives gone stale and bad
“others” shiver in unbidden horrors,
hidden in your desire not to see …
you forget that yours is just good fortune.

© G.s.k. ‘15

3 Word Wednesday

3 Word Wednesday

The  words for Three Word Wednesday were: wilt, shiver and desire

Another version of “There But for Fortune” which I’d never heard:

This poem was inspired by one of my readers.  Over the past week, she’s had occasion to write: “there but for fortune …. ” and today I just couldn’t let it pass without reflecting on the song .. and the differnt aspects of our world today, where there but for fortune may go you or I … Here’s to Jen from Blog it or Lose it! with many thanks.