Jack Kerouac – Butterfly Wings – Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

About haiku, Jack Kerouac wrote:

[…] “The “haiku” was invented and developed over hundreds of years in Japan to be a complete poem in seventeen syllables and to pack in a whole vision of life in three short lines. A “Western Haiku” need not concern itself with the seventeen syllables since Western languages cannot adapt themselves to the fluid syllabic Japanese. I propose that the “Western Haiku” simply say a lot in three short lines in any Western language. Above all, a Haiku must be very simple and free of all poetic trickery and make a little picture and yet be as airy and graceful as a Vivaldi Pastorella”. […]

Chèvrefeulle from Carpe Diem Haiku Kai closes the May special tribute to Jack Kerouac with his haiku, Butterfly Wings:

In the sun
the butterfly wings
Like a church window

© Jack Kerouac

Remembering that the haiku Special is to try to write in the same vein as the “master” we’re reading, here are my efforts:

sun through shades

Streams of light
flowing down the mountain
mystic waterfall

Dawn’s first light
birds warbling
a Vivaldi concert

On the river
gull’s lonely cry
sea-side memories


Carpe Diem Special #94, Jack Kerouac’s 5th “the butterfly wings”

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This is a very special post, which I enjoyed very much.  Kristjaan (Chèvrefeulle) did a excellent job analyzing this haiku.  It is very informative and a good,  so I really think it worth your time to drop by using the link above.


Poetry Prompt #11 (We Drink Because We’re Poets) May 29, 2014 – List Poem

Minestrone, brioche, coffee, milk, strawberries, white wine, fabric softenerCappuccino e Cornetto

Day Begins – List Poem

Waking up at the crack of dawn,
A cup of wake-me-up: strong coffee,
To sweeten my beginning day, a brioche
My communion food in the morning
The minestrone madness,
That is my daily life, begins…

As sweet as a cup of fresh strawberries
Is my family as they rest,
Before arising from their beds
I ponder my blessings –
The milk and honey of existence.
What better way to toast a day …
The sparkling white wine of joy
Bubbles in my heart …
Decreasing problems that may be posed
Like a magic fabric-softener.
Then my daily life – begins …

Written for Poetry Prompt # 11 – We Drink Because We’re Poets

Wordleing with Red Wolf! (Fun Poem) May 22, 2014

wordle18Driving through the desert
The sky showed the first signs of dawn,
Hope of sleep would have been crushed
Had we not caught sight of some trees.

The camel walked on slowly,
A living ship indeed
For from its indolent idleness
It never seemed to stir.

I put my eye up to my spyglass
And looked long through the dark hole,
I spied there an Oasis
And Tuaregs having tea!

We arrived there shortly after,
To the spring (that was more like a ditch)
A Berber raised his apple red cup
And offered us a drink.

Shivers shook me I admit,
As I saw the froathy foam
In truth there were some bugs,
I hesitated at first …

But he was a generous host,
He made a proud tight bow
Adjusted his blue head cloth
And insisted that we sit down.

I raised the cup unto my lips
And sipped the resinous liquid.
Dark stains soon were on my mouth
For the tea was dark and sweet.

Fragile was the moment
As fragile as our thin hold on life
But then exclaimed I sincerely:
‘Your tea is like the kiss of the prophet!
As sweet as a desert night!’

A man who lives in the desert
Knows truthful words at once…
Hashim became my brother,
Our friendship sealed by tea.

Wordle #18 Red Wolf Poems

Here are the words, and bonne chance!

Bastet: eye camel living
Barbara: resinous crushed driving
Rick: sky sleep trees
Viv: idleness hope hold
Debi: shivers tight fragile
Hannah: truth knows words
Christopher: ditch kiss tea
Jules: sit cup cloth
Irene: dark hole door
Misky: apple stains thin
Yousei: stir foam dawn

Shadorma – May 20, 2014



one more step
along the endless climb
I call life
towards death
or maybe transformation
who can really say

towards bright heaven’s stars
atoms fly

one more step
contemplating life
into the sun
into the night
and if there’s nothing at all
still, the birds have sung

Written for Shadorma Photo Prompt #8 (the small poem that separates the two shadorma is a tilus).

Poetry Prompt #10 – Haiku Novel

“What I would like you to do this week is present your favourite novel, book, your own personal poem, movie or similar – the entirety of it, the story of it – with a Haiku!”

Pirates of the Caribbean

my hero flies
from sail to sail
over the harbor deep

he’s a wretched sot
and not a gentleman
but how I love his walk

he saves his life
and finds his ship
then sails the ocean blue

with an orphan’s help
and a lady’s smile
he somehow saves the day

the treasure found
the enemy comes
trying to steal their wealth

but fate would have it
that the orphan’s right
will open the treasure box

then in the end
we find the orphan’s dad
was a salty pirate too

so he takes his rights
and he sails the seas
with his sword and lady too

Written for We Drink Because We’re Poets – Poetry Prompt 10

Rivals and Brothers – May 14, 2014

Across the wide valley,
Down through the meadows,
The white horses were galloping
Their manes were a flying.
Their leader was jolly,
In his magnificent way.
And the fillies did follow,
In love with his paces.

From the high mountains
Men spied the proud horses
As they galloped in the valley
Their manes were a flying.
Their leader was handsome,
In his magnificent way.
The ladies did love him,
He walked tall and proud.

The men entered the valley
To capture the horses.
When the leaders caught sight,
Of one another – man and horse
Rivals yet brothers,
Knew that day
A feud had begun.




100 Word Challenge For Grown-ups – Week # 133

Poetry Prompt #8 (WDBWP) – Morning

As  first light breaks
Over the mountains
I hear the birds sing
In the silence of dawn

The dew on the grass lays
Like crystal droplets of light
But my love sleeps on …
Whilst I walk in the world

The lake is so placid,
The wind softly whispers,
A new day has come …
Yet so few will see it.

I walk in the birdsong
On an empty path at dawn
No one but me and them
In this golden hour of calm.

I wrote this for WDBWP’s Poetry Prompt # 8 hosted by Oloriel…sorry I’m late! And I’m also sorry it’s not a true ode…odes always defeat me!

Shipwreck – Front and back Acrostic – NaPoWriMo – April 15, 2014

Shipwreck – front and back acrostic

Soggy winter, hoary wraith-like wisps,
Hauled my ship into water’s which,
Immobilized me with fear, tried and tried as might I,
Prod at the wretched prow to change its dip,
When the shoals  … somehow,
Reared up!  Clawing mercilessly at my rudder.
Egad! My ship would have to die!
(Callously, so that I could write this acrostic
Knowingly, I created in my mind, a shipwreck.)

WDBWP’s Monday Poetry Prompt #6 …Thanks dear Oloriel for a great prompt!



On the Bus – April 11, 2014

“For me, Barcelona
Is more fun then the Maldives
There’s just so much to see
The Rambla full of vitality
And I loved the Sacra Family
Not to speak of Gaudi!”
He said in a confidential voice.

“No, I prefer the beach…
White sand and sea
Lounging by the water
Getting a great tan …
That’s my sort of vacation
and the Club Med
is so well-organized!”
She replied with a soft sigh.

I pondered upon these words
That one day I overheard
Upon a bus ride home
Full of school kids
Age 13 to 14 …
Little sophisticates sharing
All their summer adventures
In the magic world of tourism!

Written for Poetry Prompt # 5 The Ear for We Drink Because We’re Poets