Biography in 12 Poems – May 2, 2016

Biography in Twelve Verses



menacing challenge

a drifting figure
like a storm or summer breeze
– father

all-pervasive night

whimsy and horror
kaleidoscope of events

blocking the exit
growing up

pin-point and bright
wavering uncertainly
saving light

the inner voice commands
the silence

throwing off fear
trusting once again
or no

this closed window
keeping out the weather
and the sunshine

plain truth –
equilibrium isn’t
balancing stones

momentary dazzling light
in monotony

at sixty-four
a rocky stability
after the tears flowed

© G.s.k. ‘16


Whirligig 57: THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Weather” by Linda Pastan: menace, father, black, childhood, blocking, light, speak, throwing, window, plain, dazzling, after 

Poets on the Page – MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016 Poetry Prompts

Poetry Prompts:
Write for ten minutes asking what balance means to you, how balanced or unbalanced your life is, and/or what feels balanced to you.


Write about balance in nature, where you see it and/or feel it.

Word Prompts:


Right! (A Nonsense Poem)

just right

Nonsense  Poem


“Ready!” said the red injun,
Reading from his righteous book::
“Reason being that with raisin bread,
Rye.” the red rainman wryly said:
“Is simply silly and unsuitable!”
Aghast in angst Agnes did reply:
“If right is rigorously to be reaped then
corrections cordially we must coordinate
Alas, my royal red injun friend..
Juicy justice seeks the jury today!
Asking raisins for the rising sun
and rye inside the wiry moon!”

“Hot Hottentots hosted
a cold cod chowder dinner,
And big beginnings were thus being born!
Tho, smelly was the small smorgasburg…
However we of the judicial jury
Rightly write this our ritual writ
Staing that :
Red injuns have no rightful reasons
to wryly deny rye in raisin bread!”
Thus the jury justified its sentence.

“Sensible seemed the jury’s sentence!” the journalist said

And I?

Aye, I hid away the high racks of rye
and raisined bread with good reason
and said:

“Rights? Oh yeah there are rights and rites,
and some are really alright
and sometimes things are just right…


Written for Poets on a Page

Poetry Prompt: Write a “just right” poem. Tell us about the perfect place, time, person, pair of jeans or shoes… whatever it is that is “just right” for you.

Word Prompts: Right or Perfect or maybe even Comfortable

And now we go for Small…with Gotye and Poets on a Page!

It’s such a small thing to ask
that we should meet at last
go to the sea-shore and walk
visit at a mall or library and talk

It’s such a small thing to want
a man instead of an “enfant”
have an equal…look into his eyes
and not play all the silly lover’s lies

It’s such a small thing to see
the woman who was to be me.
turn the page of the photo book
I look at her that I then forsook

It’s such a small thing to dream
of chocolate eggs and cosmic cream
of faery queens and ancient kings
my head is always full of things…

Ah friend, it’s all the small things in life
you can enjoy  freely without stress or strife…
it’s when you want to go beyond essentials
that the powers that be offer differentials


I’m here again with Poets on a Page you guessed it today the prompt is “SMALL”  …so we’ve  COLD, HOT, BIG and now SMALL….Tomorrow is the big day…Oh…I just had to share Amy McGrath’s photo for the prompt…it is too cute:

spotsHave a great day and visit Poets on a Page…there is some interesting stuff going on there.  Remember, these were the ladies who during OctPoWriMo offered us so many prompts and forms…they’ve continued with mini-challenges to help us keep ourselves in shape.  It’s like when you want to run the New York Marathon…a little practice always helps 😉

Big: More Poetry Practice with Cold Play…

Today’s the big day…
Cold Play
warms up their instruments
we are hot on their scent
waiting for the moment
when the first notes begin…
The crowd
is big…no huge!
Everyone is pushing
trying to find
their ideal position…
It’s one big
for an elephant
dreams of Paradise…


From Poets on a Page: Poetry Prompt: Write a “BIG” poem. Big doesn’t have to mean lengthy, but it can. Or write about a BIG idea or something that is physically BIG. It’s your poem, write it your way!

Word Prompt: (you guessed it!) BIG:

(N.B. but the whole thing began with cold…which I missed….and there’s more: On Monday, I assured you that there was a “theme” for the week that would be made known on Friday. If you’re trying to guess what it is, today’s prompt might help. For the past two days, we’ve written about “cold” and “hot”. Today, I’d like us to think “BIG”….the plot thickens!  Cool!)

Hot: Free Association Writing Exercise


Poets on a page

Poetry Prompt: Write a “hot” poem. Use ideas from your free-write or from the images below.
First thing that came to mind
Wish it were hot
then of course when it is
I’ll wish it were cold
What is it about we human beings
Seems that we were born
Just to complain
Is there no peace to be had?
The Poem
As I walked along the lane
I saw a lad with a fishing cane
what could he be doing
In the middle of winter
I don’t know…
But he was there just the same…
They tell me that to write cool poems
The best thing to do is ad-lib
let the brain do it’s thing
I might agree with that
You can get some hot ideas
Just writing whatever comes to mind,
Ask Kerouac,  wasn’t it he
Who theorized that
you just write what ever comes to mind?
for a whole generation, that was fine…
He wrote books like this…
On The Road was one
But have you ever read
anything he wrote?
Might not be hot…but it is a start
just writing without form
without rhyme
without reason
to see if I canbecome
a real beatnik
a late-blooming one at that
yeah, a member of the beat generation
heh, nobody really reads
anything the beatniks wrote
and besides I was born
after they came about…
read they were against Freud
and communists…
they were really a mixup bunch
some said they were hooligans
can’t keep my mind on hot
maybe because it’s so blasted cold…
Who knows…
Oh well, I’ll go on to the next prompt