Bastet’s Sunday Writing Prompts: Power Shorts 3

For Bastet’s Sunday Writing Prompt on the 13th Floor Paradigm.

Lake Garda

Power Short

The Departure

Giulia looked into Robert’s eyes.

“What time do you leave?” he asked her.

“8:30. Walk me to my cat.”

They walked down to the docks, he carrying her duffle-bag.  Reaching the “Beaux Gest” they crossed the gangplank and went on-board.

“It’s only for around a month, then I’ll be back.”

“I know…but a month is so long.”

He wrapped her in his arms, resting his head on hers. She felt her heart pull between her two loves.

“I’ll be waiting for your calls.”

They kissed passionately then he left.

Raising the main sail she began her first solo Atlantic crossing.

Power Short: The Market


Power Short

The Market

They’d called me in to investigate.  Someone had decided that the market place was their personal property. Too much disappeared from the stalls lately.

I walked around, looking at the tourists, but no one was looting the merchandize.  I watched the usual cyclists, mom’s with strollers, kids with back-packs.  These were the people to look out for in these situations.

Sitting down at a café, I ordered a cappuccino.  A movement caught my eye.

A magpie swooped down from the church tower and landed near a costume jewelry stall. Then, hopped up and nipped a ring!  I’d found my shop-lifter!

Written for Bastet’s Writing Prompts: Power Shorts

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS: 13 September 2013

Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

Written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneer Prompt.


Sitting in his row-boat in the New York harbor we watched the Coast Guard cruiser speed past us  bouncing in its wake.

“At this distance Lady Liberty looks like she’s been put on a shelf with some kid’s toys.” he said.
“Some of those things look like over-sized giraffes.”
“They do call it the asphalt jungle.”
“Be neat to have dynamite like Crocodile Dundee, heh gramps?”
“Nah, better line, tackle and bait, Jamie.  Here, have a sandwich!”

That night Gramps got me home late.

“See you tomorrow Gramps!”

It was our last fishing trip, he passed away in his sleep.

Bastet’s Prompt: Power Short – 5 September 2013

Black Cat's Vacation

Black Cat’s Vacation

Black Cat’s Vacation

The Black Cats went on vacation.  They went to a lovely town on the sea.  During the day, they swam and wind surfed, in the evening they went to eat ice cream at a side-walk café.

Mamma Black Cat said one evening, “Look at the moon!  How I’d like to go there!”

Papà Black Cat thought for a while, then he created a special boat!  He put the mast of the wind surf in the middle and hoisted the sail.

That night there was a mysteriously strong wind!

It was Papà Black Cats’ wind sailing his family to the moon.

Written for the Bastet’s Writing Prompt on the 13th Floor Paradigm.