Prayer Flags – Haiku – March 24, 2016


under the sunshine
prayers flap in the spring wind
colours of hope

© G.s.k. ‘16

 A Note: Traditional Tibetan prayer flags are rectangular … but I couldn’t help but think of Tibetan Peace Flag Project looking at the photograph:  

“The Peace Flag Project provides the opportunity for people to make flags that express their wishes for the world. The flags may be hung indoors, but they are intended to be strung up outside where the wind will disperse their messages. After some time the prayer flags will fade and fray (they purposely are not hemmed) symbolizing the natural passing of all things. When that happens, the flags are to be burned to release the last of their prayers and then replaced by new flags that contain our renewed wishes. Or you may simply put new ones over the old ones..
Every time you look at the flags, let them remind you to continue to send out your own prayers for world peace, kindness and generosity. As you do so, you will also benefit from their blessings.”

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