The Procession – Troiku – October 19, 2015


along narrow streets
held high the Madonna rides
as autumn leaves fall

along the narrow streets
old ladies twirl their rosaries
in a procession

upon her shrine
held high the Madonna rides
priest swings the censer

Madonna finally home
celebrators dance and feast
as autumn leaves fall

 © G.s.k. ‘15

Up and down Italy and in both the islands somewhere every day you can find a procession.  Each town has its own patron saint (or as in Bolognano, the Madonna is honoured – in the big cities each quarter has their own saint’s day) whose effigy is taken in procession through the streets on the saint’s day.  After the Mass and the procession everyone gets together to party in the streets.

As you can see in the video below (just one of hundreds you can probably find on YouTube if you write “processioni Italia”, I chose the 2014 procession of St. Anthony of Padua – though it is rather long, it has the advantage of showing you some of the city of Padua), times have changed and my troiku has little to do with many of these modern processions – though in some smaller towns you’ll still find the more traditional processions – now the processions are accompanied by bands and no one swings the censer nor twirl rosaries reciting endless rounds of the “Ave Maria”.

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