NaHaiWriMo – Zig-Zag – February 13, 2016

Hill-side olive grove

up and down the hills
the waif staggers zigzagging
seeking shelter
only welcome if she paid
alone – she left the city

© G.s.k. ‘16

The tanka is inspired by a story Basho told in his Narrow Road:

The voices of two young women whispering in the next room, however, came creeping into my ears. They were talking to an elderly man, and I gathered from their whispers that they were concubines from Niigata in the province of Echigo, and that the old man, having accompanied them on their way to the Ise Shrine, was going home the next day with their messages to their relatives and friends.

I sympathized with them, for as they said themselves among their whispers, their life was such that they had to drift along even as the white froth of waters that beat on the shore, and having been forced to find a new companion each night, they had to renew their pledge of love at every turn, thus proving each time the fatal sinfulness of their nature. I listened to their whispers till fatigue lulled me to sleep. When, on the following morning, I stepped into the road, I met these women again. They approached me and said with some tears in their eyes, ‘We are forlorn travelers, complete strangers on this road. Will you be kind enough at least to let us follow you? If you are a priest as your black robe tells us, have mercy on us and help us to learn the great love of our Savior.’ ‘I am greatly touched by your words,’ I said in reply after a moment’s thought, ‘but we have so many places to stop at on the way that we cannot help you. Go as other travelers go. If you have trust in the Savior, you will never lack His divine protection.’ As I stepped away from them, however, my heart was filled with persisting pity.

in the same house
prostitutes, too, slept:
bush clover and moon

© Basho (Tr. David Landis Barnhill)

Mindlovesmisery’s Wordle! – September 9, 2014

Warning … this is for an adult audience.

1. Courtesan 2.Stillness 3. Deliquesce (melt) 4. Neon 5. Enunciate 6. Palpitant (uneasy) 7. Ironic 8. Peach 9. Lingerie 10. Thigh 11. Scrutiny 12. Ache

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The lady of the night
no courtesan for sure
in the stillness of autumn’s eve
under the bright neon sign
inside the glass fronted room
in Berlin’s red light district,
enunciates her ironic words
in palpitant English
“would you like to taste my wares
sold in peach colored lingerie”
her thigh made the man’s heart ache
as his soul deliquesced
for the lady of the night
was his sister who’d run away
from their tyrannical papa.

(c) G.s.k. ’14

Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie Wordle