Protest – Choka – May 28, 2015

cloying smell of death
destruction of mankind’s past
ah – bedraggled times
truculent avid blindness
our “enlightenment”
destroyed Nimrod and Hattra
in the name of peace
soon to follow Palmyra
the list grows and grows
what men are these I wonder
who negate their past –

fanatical peace lovers
true – blind Narcissists
ah but you say (and ’tis true)
destroying cultures
are conquerors favoured plans
down-trod people’s past –
from Mayans to stone Buddhas
nay even before
fell Jericho
salt Carthage – no – nothing new

Ah – but here’s the rub
we pretend we’re far above
our cruel heritage …
enlightened destroyers we rage
still – like locusts in the grain

© G.s.k. ‘15

Whether the destruction is by a missile or dynamite, whether the destruction is perpetrated by fanatical religious groups, ideological movements or wanton greed … the fact remains, that in the bright world of technological wonders, we have a caveman’s brain … we’re territorial, violent and very short-sighted – we let ourselves be driven by these instincts and never stop to think what we may be doing, except to cry alligator tears later.

No sugar on the pill … let’s not pretend that everyone isn’t somehow involved in the same hot-wired impulses.  One of the reasons we keep on doing what we do, is because we don’t take the responsibility of our deeper emotional instincts … we point our finger to the “other” … always and forever.  Just open any newspaper, any information site and read carefully … it doesn’t matter if it’s right or left …  Christian or Muslim … we’re all in the same boat and we all want that boat for ourselves.


Linears and Absolutes – Free Verse – Speakeasy#151

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Linears and absolutes

Life had once been defined
By linears and absolutes.

Then along came the 60s …
In a world finally recovered
From the Second World War,
With its Baby Boomers
And its prosperity …

Women and blacks
And those people who believed
That the world should finally follow
The splendid models
Based on the ideals preached
In schools and on TV,
Took to the streets
In WASP country, USA…

The liberated or would be so
The protesters against senseless war
Those who could not share the wealth
Raised a cry across the land …

People died at Kent State
People died across the south
People died in Viet Nam
Leader’s rose…and were shot dead.
They touched the moon one day
And believed in what they said …

Then, the bubble burst
Yuppies replaced Hippies
And the power left the flowers
All returned to normality …

The majority remained where
It’d always been
Looking on the side-lines
Where it sat and moaned
That the economy was bad …

Then the establishment
Retrenched and went ahead
Doing what it always did:
Defined Life …
By linears and absolutes.

Written for: Speakeasy #151