Cee’s Black &White Challenge – Public Transport: Venice – September 18, 2015

Travelling in Venice

Travelling in Venice on the waterways of the lagoon … spring holiday. (American Sentence)


This week Cee offers us the opportunity to show different scenes of public transportation in black and white – (no cars or trucks) …

050714 black and white (4)

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The Unscheduled Walk

Five Sentence Fiction:  this weeks word prompt is: Clutch.

Running down the street shouting, clutching my suitcase in one hand and my umbrella in the other, I tried to get the bus driver’s attention.  The last passenger descended as I reached the back-end of the vehicle.

Wow, I though, I’ve made it but the bus started rolling forward, my shouts went unheard.

Resigned, I began to walk home, cutting through the countryside.  As I arrived in my village, the bus passed me on its return trip into town.