Successes – Two Poems -Early Poetry – October 11, 2015

I’ve had a lot of successes in life but the ones I wanted to write about where poems that came out successfully from my “earlier” writing days …


Making Dandelion Wine –  Quatrain Fairy Poem –  April 10, 2014

Let’s make some dandelion wine,
Mixed with starlight and moonshine,
Full of hopes and wishes come true,
Made from our love, for I love you.

Mix the flowers with sweet honey,
(On a special day, warm and sunny)
Spring water from a wishing well
And our story, wrapped up in a tale.

Stir the flowers, honey and water …
Then place the mix on a Fairy alter
Let it sit for just a week or maybe two
Thinking of our love so true.

Put the mix inside a barrel …
And sing an ancient summer carol,
Let the wine age in peaceful times …
Thinking of some loving rhymes.

And when the spring has gone away
As we sit on the grass one summer day,
You’ll drink to me as I drink to you
Then we’ll make love under the sky so blue.

Wish not upon stars or fairy dust
Wish if wish you really must,
Upon our special dandelion wine …
Made with love and soft moonshine.

© G.s.k. ’14

Decadent Kitty – Shape Poem – April 8, 2014

Decadent Kitty – Shape Poem (Fish)

Decadent kitty
let me sing to you a ditty
of fishes
in dishes
and grapes
on the drapes…
Sweet little lovey
peering at the pigeon covey
wondering why the old folks
(pulling on their tokes)
forgot your kibble
(to nibble)

© G.s.k. ’14

I’m putting my old NaPoWriMo poems from 2014 onto a single page (editing them and making the blog post private … I consider these two poems a success for two reasons:

  1. I didn’t have to edit them – they read well as is
  2. I actually had fun reading them.
October 11. 2015

October 11. 2015

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Quatrain: The Curse on the Libertine!

We Drink Because We Are Poets Thursday prompt took me by surprise…a pleasant surprise to be sure!  A spell:

Prompt: For those of you familiar with the famed prophet of many failed apocalypses, Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus), you may also be familiar with the poetry form used in many of his prophecies, the QuatrainYour goal: to come up with a “spell” in the form of a Quatrain.  The spell can achieve whatever result you desire, from employing what is commonly known in fantasy novels as Compulsion (forcing the subject to do your bidding) to obliterating the Mage.  It’s your magic, your result.  Oh, and as an added optional challenge, just for a little added creativity and kicks, you can allow your spell to have a negative consequence on yourself and / or others around you.

The curse on the Libertine!

You’ll walk upon the Earth at night
‘Til you’ve learned  to face your destiny
And when the crescent moon shows it’s might
Your heart will know the throes of jealousy!

No longer will you shirk your duty noble
No longer will you remain immobile
But learn you will this cleric’s lesson
To no longer offend with your deeds ignoble!

‘Tis but one way for your pangs to lessen
Live in the convent for forty months and seven
Vowing to give your services to Corinne
The Goddess of life’s truest expression!

Go now and leave me you base libertine
And do as I have bid and have foreseen
And think not to be saved by thy wondrous Queen
Who no longer knows you and is serene.

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Quatrain: Whirly-gig



And lightness tripped along my spine
Making syncopated rhythmetic rhymes
A glorying in a blue-grey acrylic light
I kept the beat tap tapping out the time

It was a crazy restless moving night
With lightning flashes behind my sight
T’was a crazy artsy blue-green whirly-gig
That  soared in an eternal endless flight

What wondrous goofy twisty things I did
Whilst laying in my rumpled tumbled rig
Dancing in my awesome mental discotheque
In that psychedelic colored flashing fizgig

I could have been a bright feathered yucatec
Looking out over an enchanted sailing deck
Until the morning’s first rays warmed my face

And woke me from my dreamy world…oh heck.