Rainy Season – July 5, 2015


new event
even in the Alps
summer rains

Over the past few years the climate has changed whether we wish to admit it or not.  One of the consequences is that each year here in the foothills of the Alps, where I live, we now have a summer rainy season, which feels no different from the rainy seasons that I experienced in Africa.

The mornings are sunny … the temperature rises to about 30 C then black clouds form around 2:00 and we have a storm. It usually lasts about half an hour.  Then the clouds move off (sometimes they don’t).  In Chad and Eritrea, where I lived nearly 40 years ago,  this sort of precipitation was called “the small rains” to be distinguished from the winter rains which were of course “the big rains”.

“small rains” fall
on the foothills of the Alps
drought in Africa

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Carpe Diem #768 tsuyu (rainy season)