Strawberries – Fun Poem May 16, 2014

With or without sugar
In a salad or in desserts
I love to eat fresh strawberries
As soon as they are found.

I’ve tried so many recipes:
Like one for a creamy pink risotto,
I’ve eaten them with mozzarella
With  balsamic vinegar as well …

I love them on my shortcakes
Topped off with white whipped cream
I love then in summer fresh crostata
Glazed with sweet aspic gelatine …

On my cereal for breakfast …
As a jam that covers toast
There’s just no fruit like strawberries
To brighten even the darkest morn.

Now I find that this noble fruit appeared
To reunite the world’s first lovers,
When sorely they had quarrelled …
First woman left first man in anger
Vowing never to return …
Creator’s sweet fresh strawberries
Which he put upon her path,
Enchanting her … she forgot her huff
So pleased was she with the lovely fruit
She wanted to find first man at once!
And so this lovely bright red fruit …
Brought her back home to love.

Just a kind of Whinny the Pooh thinking poem until I can come up with a fairy tale about strawberries, which is today’s prompt on Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie by Anja