Morning Haiku and Waka – Colours (Red) – September 18, 2015

Collage Riva in Red

Collage Riva in Red

tumbling leaves
carpeting the park and streets
in crimson

[that world in red]
floating in muffled silence
lost paradise

warming fire
the licking flames burn red
turning logs black

Christmas tree
decked in red trimmed in white
childhood memories

in her passion
she paints the world red
ocean waves crash
in growing cacophony
– silence

© G.s.k. ‘15

Free Verse: (Red)

Free Verse


You ask me my dearest heart
what is red…

The smell of piquant spices,
Or freshly mown grass

The tinkle of children’s laughter
Birds chirping brightly, flying o’er head

The heat of the evening’s camp fire
Summer sun warm on your face

The embracing passion when making love,
And our joyous cries in our climax…

All this my dearest beloved
is red…


Monday Poetry Prompt #24: Color Blind