Weekly Photo Challenge: Duck Collage Materpiece

I felt like playing around my photos this afternoon…too hot to go out, wasn’t feeling too inspired to write, or rather…a lot spinning around but all confused, didn’t feel like reading or chatting, so I said to myself, why not try to make a collage!

I took two photos and superimposed them, one a modified picture of water and another some ducks under a tree.

ducks under a tree

ducks under a tree

This was the first result after modifying, adding HDR effects polarizing and a few other things…but I didn’t really like the effect.


So, I took the original photo and after doing a very slight shadowing and intensifying the ducks whist trying to lighten the tree…I double exposed again… the collage with the original added the frame a second time…this is the result:


It may not be a “real” masterpiece…but I like it pretty much any way, so I’ll add it to my Weekly Photo Challenge entries 😉

Have a pleasant evening everyon!