Carpe Diem Haiku Experiment #1 – October 3, 2015

sparrow with rain drops

light of the full moon
shines through coloured leaves
at last … autumn

© Chèvrefeuille

raindrops fall from moon lit clouds
leaves shimmer in the light

autumn is here
yet the sparrow is pining
[ah – summer breezes]

© G.s.k. ‘15

Carpe Diem Haiku Experiment #1 an introduction

REBLOG – No Street Lights (renga with Jen) – March 7, 2015

no street lights tanka

After composing this haiga in response to Carpe Diem Tanka Shrine“No Street Lights”, I had some reservations as to whether it worked as a tanka.  After talking with Georgia (Bastet) we agreed that this may – perhaps – be effective *either* as a haiku *or* as the hokku / first response in renga.   Then we created a renga based on this feeling!

Here is that renga.  Because WeirdPress does strange things with formatting on occasion, Georgia’s portions will be in blue and my portions will be in green.

no street lights
along this crumbling sidewalk –
just my jagged breaths
the ghosts of autumn
gossip in the night

the screechy owl’s song
blends with the cricket concert
at midnight

a growing dampness
blankets these black hours

– Morpheus’ smile
shades vineyards and corn fields
dew drops on lilies

wet grass clings to my feet
as if memory

long long silences
between sleeping visions
of bright nebula

yellow stars on velvet –
a cat blinks in the hedges

alone in the yard
his sensations all aglow
her perfume whispers

a shower of rose petals
and the clink of wine glasses

loving embraces –
the ghosts of autumn
gossip in the night
along this crumbling sidewalk –
just our jagged breathing

Thanks Jen for doing this renga with me … a great experience! I’ve chosen this unorthodox method of reblogging because WeirdPress tends to put any images that may be up for a post into my media library .. so the choice is either to copy just what I want or get a bunch of extra stuff.  For Jen’s full post follow the link above … and visit her blog if you haven’t yet .. you’ll love the adventure!


Dawn Thoughts – July 17, 2014


blood riddled news
attractive and nutritious
Dracula teaches



among dead leaves
new life reaches for the sun
eternal cycle


Renga: Jen and Georgia


here and now
where is the other place
illusive mind

river flows where it will flow
and birch sways in the wind storm
each minute is now
there is no arguing
with the moment

walk along the path with joy
this moment’s eternal
sun smiles today
listen, the chittering birds
are scolding the rain

such useless scolding
rain falls when and where it will
moaning their fates
people and chickadees
come rain or come shine

eternal lamentations
losing sight of the moment
happy encounters
creating wonderful verse
linking hearts

setting sun and rising sun /
linked in the same moment /
poetry /
is friendship among words /
sharing a vision //

through the maze … emotions
caressing understanding
peaceful rest
then a hearty breakfast
morning rituals

riffling through the newspaper
skimming through the emails
the mourning dove preens
and ruffles his feathers
his own ritual

money bee drones fill the news
his lamenting coos remark
stealthily, sun rises
new beginnings greet us
whispering wind

held aloft by the wind
butterfly spirals higher
one yellow needle
lets go of its crowded bough –
guided by the wind

the grass strewn with dead leaves
protects the new seedlings
new life sprouts
from the mulch arises
a young tree

Jen writes from Blog it or Lose it!

Dawn Thoughts – July 8, 2014

Rain drops

haiku * becomes as renga!

winter shrouds
tattered by soft spring rain fall
jasmine blossoms

Jen Writes:

scattered across the sky
admitting the sun’s approach

butterfly clouds
warm their golden wings at dawn
before taking flight

Bastet replies

circling the pristine skies
seeking their summer nest

eternal wanderers
seeking a new haven
joyous swallows

* Inspired from Dawn Thoughts – July 7, 2014
A conversation with: Jen

Rain yet again,
the beauty of green
helps me tolerate
these wet days


sleep not
for the day
has just begun

Dawn Thoughts – July 4, 2014


flashing explosions
rockets red glare through the night
Fourth of July!


The morning begins bright
until noon


renga fun
japanese poetry
comes to life
as we play
Ha, Jan and Oliana
like ancient poets

(Renga me, I’ll Renga you!)

Renga me, I’ll Renga you – July 3, 2014

Many, many long years ago, I read James Cavell’s ‘Shogun’. I was fascinated by the medieval Japanese culture he presented in his story from Bushido to Renga.  That’s right, though he never used the word renga (that I remember … we’re talking about 30 years ago so hard to tell) there’s a scene where a group of samurai are playing renga.

What is renga?  Simple … one person recites or in our case, writes, a haiku (known back then as a hokku) the next person furnishes a conclusion – two 7 syllable lines – then to keep the game going he/she creates another haiku, which may or may not be about the same subject (which is established at the beginning of the game).  When one writes this all alone, by the way, it is a tanka or kyoka, depending on whether it is serious or mundane.

So … does anyone want to renga with me?  Here’s my haiku and I’m not tying any one to a specific subject.  If there are enough replies, I will post the results separately.

cool summer evening
stars twinkling like lightning-bugs
a flash of lightning

I’ve been rengaed! A challenge! June 9, 2014


Over the week-end I decided to catch up with some of the prompts offered by Carpe Diem Haiku Kai and one of them was dedicated to the up-coming Summer Solstice … my contribution is here and the prompt here:

The haiku of the series of haiku was inspired by Oliana Kim from Traces of the Soul’s.  This morning she sent a comment and “renga-ed” one of my haiku:

summer memories
friends playing with verse and song
laughing heartily
(c) G.s.k.

and she replied:

toasting wine in merriment
lakeside stroll concludes the night!
(C) Oliana Kim

I thik it’s a really great renga!  So on this bright Monday morning (in Italy anyway … I’d like you all to participate in Oli’s renga!

Remember a renga is a  verse written by two poets…one giving the leading hokku (for us haiku) and the second completing the thought with a two line 7 syllable closing poem. In ancient Japan it was quite the game to play among cultured people.

You say it looks like a tanka… well written by one person, we’d call it a tanka, but when it’s written by two, it’s a renga!

summer memories
friends playing with verse and song
laughing heartily
(c) G.s.k.

Are you game?  If so either add your two verses in the comments below, or write your own post and link it to this one!  I’d love to see what you come up with!

Have a great week!  Georgia.


Thoughts: Bastet and Games

Hello World…

I was sitting here wondering how to pass my time this morning and I thought I’d write a little piece about games.

Believe it or not one of my favorite games is Scrabble ™.  I like play it in either English or Italian, unfortunately, no one in my family likes to play with me, and this is the crazy thing, I always win.  I suppose I could play it on-line, but somehow, it doesn’t seem the same to me.  I also have a computer Scrabble game, but haven’t touched it in years.  Now you’d think that a person who has to rely on a spelling corrector to write a poem or story would have problems with a game like this.  It’s just one of those mysteries of life, I guess.

I also like “Zen” games.  I have two miniature Zen gardens, which I rake, clean and rearrange from time to time, I like making new patterns in the sand.  I wish I had a real garden, but that doesn’t seem like something that will happen in the near future.  Here are two pictures of them:

Most of the pieces are tiny gifts for my garden, I made the tree in the lady’s garden from copper wire.

The other day I showed you my stone balancing game.

Recently I discovered that another pass-time that I like very much has a name, and it too is a traditional Japanese game, though I have my own variation!  It’s called: Renga! You can see what it’s about traditionally by clicking the link.

Sometimes, I like to reply to your posts with a Haiku or poem.  There has only been one person who has done this in commenting on my post and that was Geo Sans. I was so delighted and am always hoping he will pass by and comment, though I know he is very busy.

I’d done this several times over the past few months, some have liked the replies, others seemed disconcerted, but once, recently someone replied in kind!  That someone is Cubby from Reowr on August 25th.

This is her poem:

When Chickens Cry

When chickens cry
I cannot eat
A single bit
Of chicken meat,
And though I’m not
A herbivore
I find that I
Eat salads more,
Avoiding ones
With chicken eggs
That lay beneath
Two little legs
As they remind
Me of the way
That they were sat
On night and day
By chickens who
Once clucked with pride,
Not knowing that
They would be fried
Or scrambled once
Eggshells are cracked,
I state this simply
As a fact.

But once you see
A chicken cry
You’ll ask yourself
The question why,
Why you can’t find
Another source
Of protein grams
For every course.
And even though
They’ll never be
Set free from farms
Or factories,
When chickens lay
So many tears,
Like eggs, they’re more
Than they appear.

I actually found this poem very delightful, but alas, sigh, the problem is I have some very militant vegan friends and I’m an omnivore, except for insects which I find disgusting.  I have no quarrels with anyone who wishes to eat only vegetables and plants, though some people get moralistic about their choice.  Of course, only a Jainist is coherent with the choice of being absolutely non-violent in their food choices.  Though I honor these thoughts, as I said, I’m an omnivore, so I replied:

Ah…and when you look into the eyes
of lowing cows within their biars
or the dainty feet of baby sheep
what of the piglets as they sleep…
Although I think that fish can’t cry
unless they send out algae dry
I wonder too if they have tears
and what the nets do for their fears.
Ah…but what then of the lovely flowers
who’ve passed their days indeed their hours
growing seeds because they know
that future flowers soon will grow?
Can I think here of a tomato or a squash
unless my cheeks soon be awash
with flowing tears of inappetence
alas eating has become a cause of penance!

Loved your poem…I really did, but was inspired by years of friendly vegans to write this reply… :-/

I didn’t really expect a reply, so, what a delight when this came over the notifications:

Alas! Why did you have to dig
Much deeper down this little gig
For now you see the problem lies
In how to live without demise
Of something living, plant or fish,
To place upon your supper dish.

When everything is one and whole,
So many parts in one big soul,
All life and death are also one,
And where there’s death, in life it’s spun.
Of roots beyond the surface screen –
If only words could make us clean!

What a delightful reply!  I believe that we are all one with this vast thing we try to call the Universe or the Multiverse or whatever verse you may decide.  Our atoms are intermingled and all is one, violence to me is something different from choosing your food.  Indeed, some persons who’ve been vegetarian have also been terribly violent.

This was my reply:

I see now my dear Cubby Kitty
that your poem, this lovely ditty,
was made to make us smile
but how could I let it pass, while,
many would use it as a reply
on this I’m sure you can’t deny
to impose their ideological choices
with their loud cacophonic voices!

We are all one soul indeed
living off flesh, flower and seed
it’s only when humans use their brains
for silly problems that in truth disdains
logic and understanding of life
that people are capable of making strife
and take away our appetite.

And to close the poetic game Cubby wrote this:

You are correct, my dear Bastet,
My poem indeed was made to set
A smile upon your lovely face,
But you have also caught the trace
Of roots beyond the surface screen.

This is my way of thanking Cubby for her fantastic sense of humor, she’s not only a fantastic poet, but a person who has a talent for dry wit and a sense of fun.  And an illustration of one of my favorite games of course.

Oh, I would like to say here once more, just in case someone hasn’t understood, I feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a total 100% vegan, I’ve understood your points of view and I respect them, I only wish the same from you.