Sunday Whirligig – June 6, 2015 – Published June 11, 2015


Dama Claudia

Dama Claudia’s Lament

another day passes and I think too much
so this sad depression I cannot shake
there are no monsters, no one’s at fault
just emptiness from whence cloying darkness springs
painting my soul with an ink-like stain
with a rope of hanging length.

I seek now for your gentle touch
to help me overcome this ancient ache
what know I of the earth and salt
of happiness and other things …
for I  live each day in sordid pain
depriving me of wisdom and strength

I seek so much from your touch
to shake in passion’s exalted ache
the salt of life – peerless without fault
which springs from all those mystic things
that heals all pain and absorbs all stain
which at length will give me strength

© G.s.k. ‘15

THIS WEEK’S WORDS, rhyming pairs, come from Robert Frost’s poem “To Earthward”: touch, much, things, springs, ache, shake, salt, fault, pain, stain, strength, length

Silly Poem: Exercise in Rhyming Timing

Whatever could be the matter
to make the mad hatter natter?
I couldn’t really say but the platter
Went flying away with a clatter!

Alice was oh quite contrary
since her dress all bright and airy
got stained with a stupid blue berry
so her party was not quite so merry!

Well sitting in my living-room
thinking of visions of doom
of the bridemaids and the groom
and the bride who’d soon jump the broom!

Oh well I’ve heard a lot of guff…
so instead of getting gruff
I though I just go on without a huff
and get on about my stuff.

I’m exercizing in making rhyme
cause I free verse all the time
but I wouldn’t give me a dime…


it’s really been
a crazy day
just getting

three hours sleep
has really been
a feat
to defeat
the grogginess
gets in my head
makes it spin
I’m just in a haze
wanting to laze
fool around
make some sound
and all in all
screw around!