Just a Note: Monday 12 August 2013

Hello World!

Another week has flown by!  It seems to me I’d just finished my last Just a Note and here I am again trying to make a summary of my “week that was”!  I think the reason is because these weeks are so full of wonderful things happening…one of which is the rebirth of enthusiasm.  So, let me get this on the road!


This has been a voice that’s been missing over the past two weeks…alas, a kind of calm before the storm!  This week Bastet and Sekhmet have been nominated by three people for some great awards.

At the beginning of the week, Richard Danker of richardankerswrites nominated me for The WordPress Family Award..with a lovely note attached…first of all I’d like to thank Richard, a fine poet by the way whom I think everyone should go and visit, and congratulate him on his fine blog!

Then, in the middle of the week Sweetness 6645 from Chronicles of a Public Transport User surprised me with a lovely bouquet of awards! The ABC, Inner Peace, Most Influential Blogger, Sunshine and Most Versatile Blogger awards!  Thank you so much for these fine mentions!  Everybody, if you like to laugh this is the place to go…having myself been a Public Transport User over the years, her blog tickles me as they tickle my memories of travelling on buses, trains and metros all with a photo she’s shot to illustrate her blog!  She also participates in the photography challenges and what little works of art she produces…go have a look!


And then…to my complete surprise…Sahm A. King, that talented force of nature nominated me for yet another award, this time the Versatile Blogger Award with a fantastic mention:

“Bastet not only takes photos, but she writes poetry using a variety of forms (to include even freeverse).  It doesn’t stop there.  She’s also a moderator on We Drink Because We’re Poets, and she has the Pixelventures photo prompts there, on top of featuring photographers!”

I’d really like to thank Sahm for his glowing words.  You’ve all read me write about Sahm over the months…I met him in March at his Arkside of Thought where I’d read one of his famous 5 Points in Sarcasm posts about poets.  I’ll admit, I didn’t understand where he was going to until the very end of the post when, voilà, I realized I was reading sarcastic irony at its finest…through him I visited We Drink and participated using their daily poetry prompts, and began to write poetry again after very many years of never putting word to rhyme!  If today I can call myself poet, it’s thanks to Sahm King.  Go have a look at the Arkside of Thought and We Drink Because We’re Poets…you may become inspired!

This week has been a week where I’ve seen “following” pop up very often and so I’d like to dedicate these awards to the new friends of Bastet and Sekhmet and welcome you to the community!  Take your pick, choose an award and say Bastet nominated you!


I have felt very inspired by a group of poets/writers that I’ve been meeting with recently in blogworld.  Their single names are yet to be publicized, but if you’re following my posts, you’ll see that we are 13…sometimes we mention each other’s work…we prompt (this one’s from the lovely Lilith!) and follow each other’s prompts.  I wrote a poem in dedication to the group called Bard’s Song and invented a new poetry form which I’ve dedicated to them called “The Group Effect” the link will take you to the second poem I wrote using this form, but I presented it the first time at We Drink for the Thursday Poetry Prompt.  Working and collaborating with fellow bloggers is a great experience…something that I think we should all try.  I think I’ll be talking more about The Group in the future.

I don’t write only poetry as you know…I also dabble in short stories.  I’m not publishing many lately, mostly because I’ve been very busy in other directions.  There is also another reason why I hesitate now to post my stories.  I’d like to publish them some day outside of blogworld, and it seems that once posted, many e-zines and magazines consider the work published and won’t accept the work as original!  This and other little important bits of news into short story publishing I’ve come across through a very interesting post “A Dream Come True” sister post of “Granny Says” by M.E. McMahon aka Cranky.

Since I’ve known her she’s been encouraging me to publish…I’ve hesitated, believe it or not, I’m not really sure of all of this newly discovered faith that you’ve all shown in my writing and photographic skills.  To me it’s just stuff I’ve dabbled with in one form or another over the years and I’d never expected to go beyond friends and family with any of it.

So, I’m thinking…maybe I’ll write some password posts with a series I’ve in mind of short stories…which I will then try to publish, once shaped up into saleable material…thanks Cranky and Blu (though you may not know why) for the idea.

Thoughts for Ionia:

Many of you have read Ionia, many have had the privilege of having her comment your work…Ionia is another of those talented forces of nature that inspire and stimulate us all.  Today, Ionia is going to go and “kick cancer’s ass” and I would like for all of you to put your best foot forward in the realm of positive thinking…let’s help Ionia…keep her in your thoughts. My special thanks to John W. Howell for his wonderful blog (and this idea) for Ionia…you’ll be able to read it clicking the link on positive thinking above.

Well…as the closing song of an old 60s TV show went: That was the week that was…it’s over and it’s gone…now the work begins for the new week!  What new adventures are awaiting, what new inspiration, what new stories, poems and photographs!

Have a great week!  Bastet.