Carpe Diem Haiga – Spring in Arco – April 10 2016

Riuso Haiga_small

I was rather busy yesterday and never got around to publishing a post.  What was I doing?  Participating in our bi-annual community “giornata de ri-uso”:


Basically at the changing of the seasons – from summer to winter and winter to spring, our city council organizes a campaign to gather those objects and clothing that would often end up tossed out.  In the United States one might have a garage sale a practice that’s never caught on here.

Everything is brought to a pick-up point then the volunteers go through the stuff, dividing the good stuff from the trash.  We then distribute the stuff free of charge.  There are also activities for children in a close by separate area.

Here are a few more scenes:

Spring is on the way in Arco!  Ciao, Bastet.

Just A Note – October 10, 2015

Path_2Hello Folks .. I won’t be writing much today since I’m off doing community service.  I’m an eco-volunteer here and today is the second half of our bi-annual “reuse” day .. I’ll try to explain what it is at another time … right now … I’m late and have to run.

Have a great Saturday everyone …  Georgia