Love – Tanka and Haiku – February 26, 2016

wet grass

barefoot in the morn
her slippers stained with water
returning at dawn
walking under the moonlight
with her secret lover

spring passion
blackbirds and cherry blossoms
and secret kisses

quickening of spring
feverish he watches her
swaying past his door
wondering how to meet her
before cherry blossoms fall

© G.s.k. ‘16

Carpe Diem #925 Love

Earlier this month we also wrote about love .. so I chose to write about romantic love today 😉

Moon Garden – May 1, 2014 (Free Verse)


By Oloriel Moonshadow

The night was bright,
Shone down the moon,
Upon my weary head …
The garden though was
A Mystic ruse, a shadow
Though beautiful,
And so, I fled.
It was colored
In Cyanide and Cherry
And though inviting,
I knew it’s venom.
Inconstant moon,
With your shining light …
You promised me the world.

The sweetness of a fairy garden …
The sweetness of romance.
Your seductive call came to me
As I walked the garden path …

“Come to me and be my muse
Come and be my lady fair,
I’ll give you sweet-meats of a plenty,
And a silver carriage too.
Write your odes and tell your tales …
Or surely I’ll behead you
You will be my own true love
Until you start to wither.”

Sweet was the thought
To find true love,
I would have heeded your mystic call,
Walk upon the silver shores
Of love. ..
Until I realized …
Ephemeral was your magic light.
Soon darkness would fill the sky again,
You could give me a single bright illusion
Impermanence and darkness
Are your reality.

So I walk under the sun instead,
Illusions are still aplenty …
But the colors of a morning garden
Give me far more satisfaction.

Cliff Garden

Cliff Garden by G.s.k

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge # 6 – “The Moon Garden”