I don’t know – WDBWP’s Promp #12

1 August 2007  The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

1 August 2007 The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope – The Witches Broom Nebula

Free Verse

I don’t know

a prompt,
a thought,
some rambling words
that swirl,
then whirl, inside, until I find,
my fingers begin tip-tapping, impetuously.
I rarely know what I will write,
I just begin – and soon
the stories done,
the poem written,
the song that I’d begun is done …
or a faded photo takes on life!
an idea, a word, a bird singing
first rays of morning light
a photograph or a drawing
reading, commenting, reflecting
what inspires me?
there’s a myriad of choices!
from where do the words come,
where, the colorful combinations?
inspiration is all around me!
my question isn’t from where ideas come
my question is where creations are born
how does
something banal,
something moving,
pathos or boredom
these seeds,
strewn along my path
become something
that wasn’t there …
from where does creation come?
my answer is:
I don’t know.

Written for Sahm’s prompt on We Drink Because We’re Poets

We Drink Inspiration – Poetry Prompt #008: Poetry

A Tanka Series for Sahm King

My Favorite Form

lights yellow haloed
whimsical should be the morn
yet that silent shroud
implodes upon my ear-drums
creating a somber song

morning concert fog
drip drip after cold wet drop
think I’ll go to bed
my hair will frizz in this mess
besides I still have a cough

what a lousy mess
could cut the gunk with a knife
by my life! oh dear
a bit hyperbolic, yes…
and not even a good rhyme

so my dear Sahm King
I wrote this series for you
the tanka is my thing
a haiku or a choka
or sedoka are fine too

on this Friday morn
all foggy and glum and wet
looking at your prompt
the words flowed along like this
so I’ve sent them off thus so

3 Huitain: Age without Poetry?

bonsai pots


A Poet

He flagilates himself with ambition
Promotes the world of poetry not himself
He’s great and he’s set himelf a mission
Yet he thinks that he’s just a slave to self
What then can this lowly old woman say
I wish I had all his books on my shelf
To read him on paper, see people pay
Sahm King, I see you young bard and high elf.

Poetry in Modern Times

My friends poetry is not for our day
We no longer seek immortality
We think that all we need to do is pay
To live a million years of insanity
We don’t see that our lives are somber grey
That our souls are arid and without life
That what we need is to be led astray
Away from this consumeristic strife

Young Poets – New Age

Youth so beautiful I’ve been told
Will consume itself in sadness
During this age that denies the bold
This age in love with its madness
We deny all things we can’t hold
Poetry – imagination
Denied our spirit and sold our soul
Here –  human mental castration.

Yesterday I said I’d try to write a Huitain…well I wrote three. They’re not the best bit of poetry as you can see…but  improvement comes with the writing.  These Huitain are dedicated to Sahm King and T.J. Therien  who have often inspired me with their enthusiam. But it is also dedicated  to all you young poets and young writers who slog along writing your poems and books which you think maybe nobody will read.  Someone said that being a writer is not something you do…but something you are.  You write because you need to write just like we all need air to breath.

Anyone want to try a Huitain?  The link will take you to the Poet’s Garret where I found these instructions and examples.

“This is a very old French verse form and as the name suggests consists of one eight (huit)-line stanza with 8 syllables in each line. This is the pure form (Huit et huit) but later 10 syllable poetry emerged and this appears to have been far more popular with the English speaking Iambic pentameter poets until the outbreak of the Napoleonic wars.
The form was written based on three rhymes, one of which appeared four times and the two typical rhyme schemes are:
a. b. a. b. b. c. b. c. and a. b. b. a. a. c. a. c., with the former being the most popular.”

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A Terzanelle – Challenge: Seasons



Spring is born from Yule Tide’s ashes
Winter begins to die that day
Spring is born from Yule Tide’s ashes

Though the days are still and so grey
Each morning the sun, closer comes.
Winter begins to die that day.

Sad the bard no longer strums,
Sang he of winter’s failing hold:
Each morning the sun, closer comes.

“Cold dragon grasp the world so bold!
But Winter came to Earth and lost!”
Sang they of winter’s failing hold.

“Cold pride carries a heavy cost…
Winter  thought  to conquer the Earth,
But Winter came to Earth and lost!”

So say I Winter is Spring’s birth
Spring is born from Yule Tide’s ashes
Winter thought to conquer the Earth,
Spring is born from Yule Tide’s ashes



If anyone would like to participate in my little challenge, Id be delighted to read and copy your link and poem here.  This is not a Bastet idea.  Not long ago a great poet and blogger named Cubby at Reowr used to do these sorts of challenges.  She’s been off-line now for over two months, and as she was very much a muse to me and I miss her, I thought I’d do a challenge.

Why a Terzanelle, because I read about it for the first time this morning on a blog posted by Blog it or Lose it and yes…I’m quoting her/his instructions, but you can find them on Shadow Poetry with variations and examples.

The subject of this poem though was inspired by Sahm King.  Another of my favorite bloggers and poets, an important muse and mentor as well.  If it hadn’t been for Sahm, I wouldn’t be writing poetry at all…so if you don’t like my poems…blame him 😉


“A terzanelle is part villanelle and part terza rima. The poem consists of 19 lines – five triplets with a quatrain added to the end.

Six of the lines are repeated in their entirety. The second line of each triplet becomes the third line of the next triplet. In the first triplet, the first and third lines become the second and fourth lines of the ending quatrain. And, yes – in the first stanza, the first and third lines are identical. (Capitalized letters indicate repeated lines. “B” rhymes with “b” but is a new line.)”

Oh my…here’s a little addition that wasn’t in this explanation…sorry. Each line of the poem should be the same metrical length.  As you can see it’s rather important.  So if you start with 6 (or 7, 10 whatever) syllable per line stick to them to the end.

My poem broken down in colors to follow how they are placed in the poem:

A /  Spring is born from Yule Tide’s ashes
B /  Winter begins to die that day
A /  Spring is born from Yule Tide’s ashes

b /  Though the days are still and so grey
C /  Each morning the sun, closer comes.
B /  Winter begins to die that day

c /  Sad the bard no longer strums,
D /  Sang he of winter’s failing hold:
C /  Each morning the sun, closer comes.

d /  “Cold dragon grasp the world so bold!
E /  But Winter came to Earth and lost!”
D /  Sang he of winter’s failing hold:

e / “Cold pride carries a heavy cost…
F /  Winter  thought  to conquer the Earth,
E /  But Winter came to Earth and lost!”

f /  So say I Winter is Spring’s birth
A /  Spring is born from Yule Tide’s ashes
F /  Winter  thought  to conquer the Earth,
A /  Spring is born from Yule Tide’s ashes


The Legends of Windemere
Facing the Music of the Past

The past is waiting for his return
Many hold a grudge
The past is waiting for his return

At the gate he will not budge
He senses anger in the air
Many hold a grudge

A familiar face devoid of care
She remembers what he did
He senses anger in the air

The love she held may now be rid
His presence boils her blood
She remembers what he did

Tears flowing like a salty flood
Neither knowing their next moves
His presence boils her blood

Time shall be a friend who proves
The past is waiting for his return
Neither knowing their next moves
The past is waiting for his return


Liars, Hypocrites & The Development of Human Emotion

An Emotional Winter (Terzanelle)

Blood congeals, ice and snow conspire
In the discontent of winter
Blood congeals, ice and snow conspire

Rotted wood begins to splinter
And frost glazes the pane of glass
In the discontent of winter

Wind freezes the bull’s balls of brass
Up ankle deep in slush and sleet
And frost glazes the pane of glass

Plowing the way through city street
Walkways one cannot navigate
Up ankle deep in slush and sleet

The bough breaks beneath the snow’s weight
Easier to be cynical
Walkways one cannot navigate

Everything’s cold and clinical
Blood congeals, ice and snow conspire
Easier to be cynical

WDBWP-Poetry Prompt #003: Dream States

From Sahm at WDBWP

Prompt: We all have dreams, though sometimes they’re hard to remember.

  This week, pay close attention to your dreams.  If you remember to do so, upon waking, attempt to write a poem about your dream (unless it’s too personal, that is).  Use whatever form you wish, whether it be the Ghazal, Sonnet, Haiku, or what have you.  As an optional step, try interpreting your dream and telling us what you believe it means.


Free Verse

 Dream City

I walk down streets
crowded people bustling
pushing all me along,  in a rush
until I find a quiet corner that leads
into the familiar alleyway I visit often
welcome small shops beckon and call
each one a familiar stall
full of my favorite products
the smells
the sounds
the very air
shimmer and tempt
then, the shops suddenly close
the streets are abandoned…

 I’m here
inside this plaza
familiar yet unknown
the buses hurry by
driven by ghosts
in this world
only wind
no voices
no song
no one
I enter…

a wide open thoroughfare
sun shines and beckons me
into a city park
flowers all in bloom
peaceful and perfumed
young people holding hands
old people feeding pigeons
I hear the crunch of gravel
a plane flies overhead
sitting on a bench
I see your face
and I
smile before I awaken
back to my everyday world


N.B. This is just three variations of a dream I often have…there’s another one that I dream often it’s about too, it takes place in an old abandoned house full of treasures to be discovered in each room.  Who knows maybe I’ll write about it someday both the city and the house leave me with a feeling of serenity. The only them is that while I’m dreaming I’m pretty much aware that they are dreams and I ask myself where I’ve seen the places before.  Hope there are no Freudians or Jungians among my readers!

I thought it was cool that the three verses formed figures for me today…a lamp, a key hole and a vase!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo! (5 Haiku for Thanksgiving!)

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it

In the words of Ray Bradbury, “Just write every day of your life…”. Your mission is to write five haikus — one for each of the five days leading up to this Friday when we will choose some entries and feature them on Freshly Pressed.

Of course, you can modify this challenge to suit your needs — you can write two haikus one day and three the next, or five all in one day, or one haiku every day from today through Friday — the choice is entirely up to you. If haikus don’t inspire you, you’re welcome to write a paragraph of prose instead. As always, the challenges are meant to be malleable so that they suit your needs.


Five Haiku

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAautumn games await
hidden behind a mouse click
a challenge to write

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

children’s laughing play
bright bubbles fly the currents
olives in a fountain

moutains at night

mountains at night

sleep eludes tonight
dream’s paths are thus untrodden
I write a poem

orange autumn leaves frozen
winter’s queen is born

il portositting on the pier
sheets chiming in the wind
the gull dives for fish

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow full of love and peace…Ciao, Bastet!

(I’d like to say a special thanks to Sahm King for bringing this challenge to my attention.  have a great holiday Sahm and Blu!)


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Just a note: November 18, 2013

Hello World!

Well, my life issues haven’t panned out yet, and if anything last week might just have been the lowest moment I’ve seen in ages.  However, as the Beatles once said, with a little help from my friends things are getting a little better.

Lone Gull

Lone Gull

Hopefully this week will see me back to my old peppy self.  That is my plan anyway.  I’d really like to thank everyone for their patience.  I know I haven’t been reading your work as often as I used to and often I’m not commenting, but all that takes time that I just don’t have.  I’d like to sincerely thank two great people who’ve so sweetly pointed out my punctuation errors (Summerstommy and Sustainabilitea). My editing has been a bit shoddy.

So, to begin this week…I published a haiga choice page…that is, I was able to put together a (well three) haiga, “collaging” two photos together…but  I’m not sure which I really prefer, so I’ve put it up to the vote.  I would be so happy if you’d give me your opinion!

A special thanks now goes to Ilka from Simplyilka for her nomination for the “One Lovely Blog Award” withe these lovely words: “Please know that there are no rules for this award, so please accept it and display it proudly on your blog or keep it as my appreciation for you and your blog.”  I don’t usually accept or post awards…the reciprocating is difficult, but this was so very timely…thanks Ilka.

Sahm King has announced that he will be back to work from his vacation on WDBWP this week, so I will go back exclusively to my Pixelventures.  That place was rattling!  There’s nothing like an empty pub to depress a body!

So…I’m off to get some blogging done here and at Through the Eye of Bastet, where I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like!

Have a great week folks…and cheers!

Georgia (Bastet)


Free Verse: poetry submission

Free Verse

poetry submission

what a prompt!
submit a poem
to the home
of some magazine
to see if they will consider
the best poem
you’ve ever written
maybe they’ll be smitten
by my poetry
though I’ve got no illusions
’cause I know
there are millions
submitting everday
in every way…
ain’t got no agent,
ain’t got no fame…
and they?
they ain’t got no time!
But my friend
Sahm King
he set us a challenge
and everyone knows
once challenged I show!
I sent out the poem to:
New Yorker…
The Atlantic…
and a new Mag…
Everyday Poems
hell…one never knows


OctPoWriMo 2013: Day 22