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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATravelling, up and down a lake…on a ferry boat or sail boat.  Water has a way of calming my nerves.  I sat down with my ticket, camera at the ready.  At that moment, I saw the sails open and slowly majestically the boat start leaving the port.  I imagined what it would have been like to the crew. The first sail of the year…hearing the sheets ping on the mast, the flapping of the sails, the swooshing of water under the hull.  Spring at last soon to be summer.

metallic pinging
sailing song made by the wind
water spray refreshing

haibun4plus21written for Haibun Thinking Challenge Week 8 – free style

The Speakeasy: Remember?

The Speakeasy Prompt: What do you remember?

Okay, so this week’s sentence prompt, provided by last week’s winner Janna, can be used ANYWHERE in your piece. And our media prompt this week is a song, which you will find below. As with all our media prompts, your post shouldn’t be about the song, but you must make some sort of reference to it in your submission.

The sentence to be used:  “At the time, it seemed like a brilliant idea.”


the port

The Awakening

Walking along the docks she looked at the boats and remembered her years of sailing, now long past. She’d sold her cat when she decided to get married. At the time, it seemed like a brilliant idea.  Time to settle down, time to raise a family. She had her iPod in her ear, it played: “I will remember you.”  She started thinking about who she’d been, who she was now.

She’d slipped into being wife and mother.  She’d also slipped into taking care of her husband’s interests, his talents, buoying up his moral in moments of depression.  Her son made her heart sing, as over the years he grew from that tiny bit of joy and worry to the man he’d become.  He had gone on with his life, his own interests, his own family.

Now it was just she and Justin.  Justin and his life, but she wondered where she had gone to.  Walking on, she thought about her own talents that had languished over the years, of her own interests as she’d dedicated her energy to her family life.  The problem of course was that she’d made Justin become totally dependent on her presence.  He wouldn’t even be able to find a pair of socks without her.

She walked to the yachting club and went through the glass doors.  In the office she filled out a membership card.  This gave her the right to participate in the various activities of the club.  It also gave her the opportunity to become part of one of the sailing teams.  If she could make the grade that is.  She signed up for the trials that would take place in September, wondering if she had a chance.  If she were selected, she would participate in the various regattas planned for the season.  Her imagination soared with joy as she remembered past regattas.  She also signed up for a week-long sail to Spain and back that would be leaving in two weeks. She felt it would be a good way to get back into form.

“What have you done?  Are you out of your mind?” Justin roared, “You can’t just up and decide to take off without consulting me!”

“Seems that you just got back from a week-long hunting trip and you didn’t consult me.  You just decided and then informed me.”

“ you needed to avenge yourself on me!  You’re just like your mother!  You always do just as you please and never take other people’s needs into consideration!”

Over the years she’d heard that song sung so many times she didn’t even listen anymore.  She prepared dinner and that evening she called her son to inform him too of her decision.

“That’s a brilliant idea Mom!  It was about time you started taking care of yourself.”

As the week passed she bought a tablet, sailing togs, other equipment she’d need for her voyage and placed everything in her new duffel bag.

The day came and Justin drove her to the docks. He tried one last time to persuade her to give up the idea of leaving, but he knew it was useless.  He didn’t recognize her any more.  She walked on board, and turned to wave him a good-bye smiling.

A feeling of freedom filled her soul as the wind blew her hair into her face. She realized she’d been sleeping for so long.  Now she was awake again.


Blue Sailing


The wind was stiff, the clouds rolled down from the mountains creating a mist that covered the lake.  The boat sat anchored near the docks, sails lowered.  I sat on the beach, listening to Eric Satie on my iPod, imagining a day sailing.

I Remembered a friend who’d written a poem to Satie whilst I wrote a brief story. Summer seems so much more creative somehow.  Here, sitting with a coat on against the autumn chill, a little sad for no special reason, I wonder, how to bring the warmth of summer into my heart.

The clouds rolling down the mountains have their own special beauty.  The sun, is as intense as any summer sun.

Today, I noticed that when you look carefully at the sun rising over the mountain, you can see that the Earth has tilted, as it does every season.  In Spring, the sun’s eastern come up is more northerly compared to an autumn sunrise.  Would I notice this if I lived on the plains?  Maybe, on the other hand, this is an illusion.  The sun takes more time to get over the mountain, so maybe it only seems to be more southerly.

I walk on, pondering.  Life moves more slowly in the autumn.  There are fewer people, the days are shorter…

Sunday Walk: September 22, 2013

Sunday Morn

Sonnet Royal

Sunday Morn

I watch from the shore this Sunday morn
As my true love sails for foreign lands
I cry my tears, my waiting grief borne,
Alone, I walk along lonely sands.
Soon returning to my father’s farmlands,
I will milk our cows and watch the sheep
Walking near my true love whilst I sleep.


Sonnet Royal: This stanza form is believed to be of Italian origin, and appears to be formed out of the, stanza called Ottava Rima, and by removing the fifth line. This reduces it to a seven line stanza of three rhymes, arranged with a rhyme scheme of;
a. b. a. b. b. c. c... I’ve added a 9 syllable count.

Have a great Sunday!

Bastet’s Sunday Writing Prompts: Power Shorts 3

For Bastet’s Sunday Writing Prompt on the 13th Floor Paradigm.

Lake Garda

Power Short

The Departure

Giulia looked into Robert’s eyes.

“What time do you leave?” he asked her.

“8:30. Walk me to my cat.”

They walked down to the docks, he carrying her duffle-bag.  Reaching the “Beaux Gest” they crossed the gangplank and went on-board.

“It’s only for around a month, then I’ll be back.”

“I know…but a month is so long.”

He wrapped her in his arms, resting his head on hers. She felt her heart pull between her two loves.

“I’ll be waiting for your calls.”

They kissed passionately then he left.

Raising the main sail she began her first solo Atlantic crossing.

Poetry: Voices of the Sea

Baldy Prompt Voices


The voices of the sea spoke to me
whispering of peace, serenity
flapping sails thundering
as stiff wind filled them suddenly
water hissed as we plowed through
spraying water from our prow

ting tin tinging of the ropes
as they beat upon the mast
and the winds, those gusting winds
they filled my ears from north or south
and spoke of adventure ‘ere so near
and the life I’d glady lead, hearing
forever their lovely voices!

I miss the voices of the storms
the gentle breeze that lightly charms
the gulls in every port of call
the un-silent voice of sailing
the voices of my youth.