Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Ugly

This week’s Shoot & Quote Challenge is, I’m off to find a suitable quote and then look for a picture to match it, which is not easy!  One can certainly find quotes with ugly…but photos and quotes….

 What would be ugly in a garden constitues beauty in a mountain.Victor Hugo

riversideHave a great day!

Who is Georgia behind Bastet

knowing what will happen

I wrote on my “Just a Note” this week that I would write about myself.  So who is the human behind Bastet? I guess it’s time to tell, well, if not all, something about me.

My name is Georgia Suzette Koch…the Suzette is important because that is the name my Mother chooses to call me, but everyone else, including myself, call me Georgia and hundreds now call me Bastet, which I like very very much!  In fact when I opened my personal Facebook page in 2009, I wrote Georgia Bastet Koch as my name…my sister said: “What’s the Bastet all about?”  I replied, “Well, I love cats, and Bastet is their goddess…so, oh hell!  I prefer being named after a goddess  rather than a French pancake!”

I was born in the United States and specifically in the state of Illinois one cold February day, in 1952. Oh, on the 18th, which meant I was an Aquarius and not a Pisces by a brief 24 hours (I wipe my brow with a shudder…I prefer being up in the air rather than chained to reality!) I was also born around noon…so my ascendant is Gemini… and they tell me that they are people who have a knack for words!  I certainly did, my Mother tells me I was already chattering away when I was 9 months old..and “talking just like an adult”!

My Father’s were in the Air Force (plural because Mommy married twice)…and so, before I’d reached the age of 14, I’d changed homes about 8 or 9 times, had crossed the International Date Line twice…travelled from the West Coast to the East Coast and from the Gulf of Mexico to Alaska through that beautiful country Canada.  During my idealistic youth, I followed my husband to Italy…then we went back and forth from that country to Africa for about 10 years, you can visit that part of my life through my poem: An Odyssey of Fear.

In the mid 80s I separated from my first husband and met my second…in 1994 we eventually got married and settled down in Trentino near Lake Garda…a home at last.  I have three sons and 4 grandchildren.

During all my adult life words have been the tools of my trade…teacher, translator, interpreter, secretary, public speaker and occasional writer.  Since the beginning of 2013 I’ve been blogging on WordPress…actually I had a blog a few years ago, but it just didn’t enthuse me…I wrote it in Italian and it was a hard slog indeed!  Suddenly it came to me that I of course should be writing a blog in English (yeah…sometimes the obvious just flies past me).

I didn’t know what I wanted to blog about…I thought about political comment and general reflections, that sort of thing…actually very popular topics in Italy, the Italians love polemics!  Then I threw out my first poem…a couple of power shorts and another poem…poetry had been an old lover from my youth, almost lost from memory.

Since those early days I met Eric Alagan,  who really impressed me very much with his calm philosophical way of managing his blog, I always feel at peace when I read his posts. Then I came across Sahm King’s blog The Arkside of Mind and then We Drink Because We Are Poets as well as the Weekly Photography Challenges.   My blog started to have a direction (a meaning if only to me).  Over the months I’ve visited countless blogs and met with so many people…many whom have been inspirational to me.  A couple I feel are like old friends!

Why the opening quote?  That is the Sarca River and travels alongside Arco, the name of the town I live in and empties into Lake Garda.  I chose it to represent the element of water.  The quote as you can see is from Amèlie Nothomb’s book “The Character of Rain”.  The quote is incomplete…it refers to the moment when Amèlie, a diplomat’s daughter, discovers that she would eventually have to leave Japan, where she was born, to follow her family, leaving everything and everyone she’d ever known and loved.

She was shattered, and a thought occurred to her, that became embedded in her mind: “Whatever is given will be taken away” (my paraphrase).  The quote ends stating that she’d chosen the latter of the two choices…and had decided to concentrate all her love for people and places so that a year could be lived like a life time.  I understood that brief parenthesis of her book better than most…for that too has been my fate and an early learnt lesson.

Whatever is given will be taken away…and so I love fiercely.