Fisherman’s Wife – Long Canzone – September 10, 2015

- Maciej Koniuszy

Listen now to her verses
As she pretends to ignore her pain
She plays with scarlet words in verses
Remembering those long-lost verses
Before the silence of her lover’s voice
He sang his songs in Italian verses
[rhythmic harmonic verses]
Of fishing as the dawn broke in the sky
And hunting gulls circled high in the sky –
(She loved his syncopated disjointed verses)
Like all fishermen who sails the sea –
He left one morn – now she looks to the sea

Try to pretend that the mighty sea
Is the lover sung in seaman’s verses
More a curse than a lover is the sea
[though fascinating is the blue-green sea]
She’s a sower of pain
A mean master is the grim sea
She tolerates no distractions, heed the sea
Or she will ill raise her keening insistent voice
[imperative and imperious voice]
Many perish into the sea
At morning’s first light in the sky
Until the last star appears in the sky

Inscriptions are written in the sky
In memory of those who are lost at sea
Unheeded by the bright blue sky
Demanding wails launched into the sky
With a sour stench of putrid verses
Mothers and wives cry for mercy from the sky
But they receive no comfort from the sky,
And even her infinite song of pain
[no one can ever ease that pain]
Is mixed in the west wind carrying her voice
As she sings for him – in her broken voice

“Ah lover hear my golden voice
As I raise my plea up to the sky
Hear my words as I give pain a voice
[hear the longing for you in my voice]
Return now from the treacherous sea
Hear now our lovemaking in my voice
I’m holding you tight here with my voice
With the panting words of our special verses
[remember the nights we composed those verses]
How you harmonized with my voice …
Don’t leave me here with this longing pain
[come and ease my longing pain]”

Fisherman’s wife with knowing pain
Raises each night her sombre voice
To an indifferent golden sky
For her husband lost at sea
In her haunting and lamenting verses.

© G.s.k. ‘15

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from The Poet Slave of Cuba: A Biography of Juan Francisco Manzano by Margarita Engle: play, pretend, scarlet, flying, verses, scars, holding, inscriptions, silence, shoes, demanding, stench

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The long form of the Canzone is as follows:

5 stanzas of 12 lines – repeating word endings following the pattern below … no special rhythmic formula.

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Willow Maid – Troiku Variation – August 30, 2015

Wind and willow

Wind and willow

young willow maid
calling to her lost lover
standing by the water

young willow maid
tears sit on her eye lashes
watches the storm

she sings her sad song
calling to her lost lover
who’ll never return

ah – no sails no sign
there’s only young willow maid
standing by the water

© G.s.k. ‘15

Inspired by Thotpurges’s variation of the troiku (which you can see clicking on this LINK 🙂
In the Morning Light