Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea (3)

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

This is the third and las submission this week dedicated to Polignano, Puglia.  I’ve linked you to Wikipedia so you can read up a little about this fascinating little sea town.

These photos were taken from a “belvedere” looking out onto the sea and along the coast line of the town itself.  I was fascinated with all the underground grottos that are dug right under the city by the sea and I  think you too will be taken with this enchanting aspect!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief vacation to the beautiful southern sea of the boot of Italy!  Before you go, take a sec to look at some of these other great seascapes!  Ciao!

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea (2)

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

This is my second submission from Puglia, we’re always in Polignano, but today in the water!

Click on the pixs for close-ups!  😉

Now, that we’ve cooled off in the water, let’s go see some other great seascapes!