I Am Me – Haibun Thinking


© Michael Grogan

I Am Me

“Oh come on Sekhmet, whatever is the matter?” Bastet asked just a little exasperated by the sighing that had filled the air for about an hour.  It distracted her from her gardening.

“Alas, I am not myself today.  I’m so down and out!” Sekhmet sighed, yet again.

“So, what happened…please tell me.”  Bastet knew that if Sekhmet didn’t get the story out of her system the sighing could go on for weeks!

This was her story.

“I was going down the hill the today to help you with the garden and I came upon Aries.  You know that tall dark handsome greek fellow.  Well, he didn’t greet me with any sort of respect.  He just said, “Hi there Sekh, how’s tricks today lady!”

This is no way to speak to a goddess of war, I reflected.   I felt quite slighted don’t you know.  I know that he was very very popular in his day, but does that mean I’m due no respect.  I mean I am who I am!”

Bastet wondered how to explain to Sekhmet without offending her what her problem really was.  That is,  if Sekhmet really was centered in herself, she wouldn’t need adulation.  So, she thought and thought, then she became inspired by thinking of a children’s book that Dr. Seuss had given to her the other evening during literary night.

Today you are you!
That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

“Oh don’t worry about old Aries…almost no one even knows him by that name anymore, but Sekhmet is Sekhmet….it’s like in this story.”  And Bastet read the line to her.

“Ah, yes, there is no one me-er than me!  How very true!” she purred.

comes from onself
the rest is sugar glaze

This week’s Haibun Thinking is dedicated to Dr. Seuss!