Wordles with Senryu – August 19, 2015



separate the world
between the soft and the hard
then start bickering

in this lonely bed
awake – awaiting to hear
the sound of his breath

the frayed cord
signals that the mast will fall
the albatross laughs

to fall asleep
perhaps to dream … ah
wasn’t that Hamlet?

© G.s.k. ‘15

THE WEEK’S WORDS for Whirligig # 19 come from “Supple Cord” by Naomi Shihab Nye: separate, breath, hear, floor, asleep, bickering, signal, bed, awake, soft, cord, frayed

Wanderlust – Morning Haiku and Waka – September 29, 2014

here on the morning shore
I wish I were there
just travelling – anywhere
my gypsy youth’s calling me


morning at the lake
sailboats and the ferry leave –
the gulls keen farewell


wanderlust strikes me
this bright autumn morning
– mountain enclosure

winter dawnwinter thoughts …
dawn mountains disappear
the world lies silent

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Haiku for Ha – August 14, 2014


61291 (1)

Vladimir Fedotko

Cinderella ran
before the clock struck twelve
ending the party

the kitten played
with her graceful toes
whilst she was dressing

illusions of joy
bright party hat and streamers
in the shop window

Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie

Dawn Thoughts – July 19, 2014

Ah … the joys of the unexpected!  This morning my trusted and true computer, Bastet, didn’t want to open … she just revved her “motors” like a dragon and alas, that’s all she wrote.  I’m now writing from a netbook I’m not very familiar with (Sekhmet’s ok — just had this one at hand) and a keyboard with sticky keys.  To say it’s the pits is too bland.


ringing bells at seven
two  hours late posting
colorful metaphors


By dawn’s early light
What I’d proudly call bad luck
Struck me ‘twinxt’ the eyes
I shouted f*** then set up
An improvised work station


You twitter
Happy little bird
How joyous
Your sweet call …
But, you neither sow nor reap
Freedom is your song!

Dawn Thoughts – July 17, 2014


blood riddled news
attractive and nutritious
Dracula teaches



among dead leaves
new life reaches for the sun
eternal cycle


Renga: Jen and Georgia


here and now
where is the other place
illusive mind

river flows where it will flow
and birch sways in the wind storm
each minute is now
there is no arguing
with the moment

walk along the path with joy
this moment’s eternal
sun smiles today
listen, the chittering birds
are scolding the rain

such useless scolding
rain falls when and where it will
moaning their fates
people and chickadees
come rain or come shine

eternal lamentations
losing sight of the moment
happy encounters
creating wonderful verse
linking hearts

setting sun and rising sun /
linked in the same moment /
poetry /
is friendship among words /
sharing a vision //

through the maze … emotions
caressing understanding
peaceful rest
then a hearty breakfast
morning rituals

riffling through the newspaper
skimming through the emails
the mourning dove preens
and ruffles his feathers
his own ritual

money bee drones fill the news
his lamenting coos remark
stealthily, sun rises
new beginnings greet us
whispering wind

held aloft by the wind
butterfly spirals higher
one yellow needle
lets go of its crowded bough –
guided by the wind

the grass strewn with dead leaves
protects the new seedlings
new life sprouts
from the mulch arises
a young tree

Jen writes from Blog it or Lose it!

Dawn Thoughts – July 13, 2014

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Haiku/Senryu Morning

wisteria colors
lake Garda’s evening magic
the gull mew softly

whirling summer toy
the wind plays with the children
squeals of laughter

standing in the garden
forgotten and forsaken
weathered statue

summer traffic
jostling people relaxing
ironic ducks laugh

kaleidoscope world
Arco’s summer confusion
daily jostling crowds

storm warnings
clouds thicken the skies
the cock crows

purple skies
silent contemplation
each morning unique

Dawn Thoughts – July 4, 2014


flashing explosions
rockets red glare through the night
Fourth of July!


The morning begins bright
until noon


renga fun
japanese poetry
comes to life
as we play
Ha, Jan and Oliana
like ancient poets

(Renga me, I’ll Renga you!)